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RT LiveSearch is a plugin which utilizes native MyBB search functionality and provides result via ajax. Very light and highly customizable plugin for your search queries.

4 Stars 211 Downloads Updated 2024-02-12, 11:43 PM

This Plugin will include the Google Analytics 4 API.

16 Stars 6,666 Downloads Updated 2024-01-08, 07:57 PM

Allow moderators to choose what threads to display in the portal.

4 Stars 631 Downloads Updated 2023-11-20, 10:58 AM

RT Chat Is a modern and responsive MyBB chat plugin which utilizes MyBB cache system when retrieving messages via ajax. For high performance and no database queries, you can speed up ajax requests to even 1-2 seconds per request for better message sync.

8 Stars 600 Downloads Updated 2023-08-16, 11:42 AM

permet de faire le classement topserveur avec l'api

0 Stars 37 Downloads Updated 2023-06-01, 02:34 PM

Hide the content of posts and threads for guests only.

0 Stars 159 Downloads Updated 2023-04-06, 10:21 PM

This plugin add "Member of the Month" to index template in sidebar.

3 Stars 173 Downloads Updated 2023-06-08, 05:27 PM

This plugin allows you to set a daily goal for your forums. Types of goal are : New users - Active users - Posts - Threads

3 Stars 372 Downloads Updated 2022-10-04, 08:12 PM

Shows a nice and customizable pop up for guests in your forums

6 Stars 1,527 Download Updated 2022-09-07, 09:19 PM

Add a favicon to your forums

5 Stars 5,725 Downloads Updated 2022-09-06, 08:49 PM

Shows thread icons and thread prefixes on index page

15 Stars 3,559 Downloads Updated 2022-07-28, 08:36 PM

Lists the threads that were active (posted to at least once) during a given period.

7 Stars 683 Downloads Updated 2022-02-12, 07:13 AM

Live preview of latest content.

17 Stars 2,046 Downloads Updated 2022-09-17, 11:09 AM

Cloudboard is a plugin that changes the look of the Admin Panel and adds some useful stuff. .

3 Stars 624 Downloads Updated 2021-10-30, 05:30 PM

Displays the list of user groups on index page.

16 Stars 9,277 Downloads Updated 2021-10-04, 09:09 AM

Displays a list of upcoming calendar events on the index and portal.

6 Stars 1,080 Download Updated 2021-07-02, 05:05 PM

Shows the users that has been online within 24 hours

27 Stars 5,632 Downloads Updated 2021-03-01, 06:08 PM

Show homepage for guest.

3 Stars 590 Downloads Updated 2021-02-10, 12:58 PM

Displays recent threads on index. Ajax enabled.

19 Stars 9,851 Downloads Updated 2021-02-09, 07:59 PM

Display list of users in index page whose birthdays fall under current week.

3 Stars 199 Downloads Updated 2020-12-25, 07:54 PM