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"This plugin colorize usernames according to the groups settings."

1 Star 2 Downloads Updated 2024-04-21, 04:57 PM

Create a thread in the forum that you want.

2 Stars 74 Downloads Updated 2021-06-10, 05:58 PM

Displays a box on the index page that shows latest threads, posts, users and more.

4 Stars 245 Downloads Updated 2021-06-07, 06:35 PM

This is a plugin that adds a twitch player with a specific user to our website.

0 Stars 44 Downloads Updated 2023-10-14, 06:21 PM

MyBB 1.8 plugin to include options to toggle dark mode in forum view.

5 Stars 307 Downloads Updated 2022-04-01, 04:29 PM

Require users to certify their age via a form check stored as a cookie; similar to Jcink's age verification process.

1 Star 93 Downloads Updated 2023-05-03, 12:33 PM

Allows theme change using a link

1 Star 109 Downloads Updated 2020-07-20, 07:58 AM

Change the extensions of the existing profile photos to .webp and upload the new ones as .webp.

1 Star 65 Downloads Updated 2023-02-19, 06:58 PM

Displaying additional search post/thread form on your index.

3 Stars 1,171 Download Updated 2014-09-12, 10:56 PM

you can create status yahoo with my custom icon

0 Stars 172 Downloads Updated 2014-10-31, 08:18 AM

Changing "wisdoms" for MyBB

2 Stars 493 Downloads Updated 2014-09-27, 11:19 AM

Show how many users have viewed your forum

2 Stars 1,215 Download Updated 2014-12-07, 02:00 AM

Set up tabs for your forums!

13 Stars 4,902 Downloads Updated 2015-04-01, 02:20 PM

Have a nice snowstorm on your forum.

2 Stars 1,148 Download Updated 2015-12-16, 04:24 PM

Shows who was online in the last 24 hours.

10 Stars 2,952 Downloads Updated 2016-03-21, 11:46 AM

This mod will display an usegroup color legend under the list of online members together with the list of group leaders.

12 Stars 5,263 Downloads Updated 2016-07-12, 12:17 AM

Set a daily post goal that your users should achieve on a daily basis.

3 Stars 611 Downloads Updated 2016-09-24, 09:17 AM

Give information and gain consent for cookies to be set by the forum.

9 Stars 2,724 Downloads Updated 2016-10-15, 06:48 PM

Show advanced statistics forum at the side panel(latest thread, newest member, top posters, top reputation and more)

28 Stars 13,749 Downloads Updated 2016-11-14, 06:49 PM

Shows a message to people awaiting activation by email or admin.

10 Stars 1,560 Download Updated 2017-01-08, 04:57 PM