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Allows you to manage announcements in your forum's header area. By default, this plugin uses the same style for announcements that is used on the MyBB support forum.

46 Stars 13,698 Downloads Updated 2020-10-22, 05:58 AM

This plugin add a "view unread posts" function for all registered users - additional search engine option, like a the same function in phpBB3.

36 Stars 8,298 Downloads Updated 2020-05-24, 04:55 PM

Displays manageable and easily customizable sideboxes

30 Stars 6,956 Downloads Updated 2019-09-07, 03:01 PM

Show advanced statistics forum at the side panel(latest thread, newest member, top posters, top reputation and more)

28 Stars 13,749 Downloads Updated 2016-11-14, 06:49 PM

Shows the users that has been online within 24 hours

27 Stars 5,691 Downloads Updated 2021-03-01, 06:08 PM

Displays recent threads on index. Ajax enabled.

20 Stars 9,895 Downloads Updated 2021-02-09, 07:59 PM

Shows the latest posts in your forum

17 Stars 10,634 Downloads Updated 2017-03-26, 05:14 PM

Live preview of latest content.

17 Stars 2,054 Downloads Updated 2022-09-17, 11:09 AM

Displays the list of user groups on index page.

16 Stars 9,301 Downloads Updated 2021-10-04, 09:09 AM

This Plugin will include the Google Analytics 4 API.

16 Stars 6,697 Downloads Updated 2024-01-08, 07:57 PM

Shows thread icons and thread prefixes on index page

16 Stars 3,665 Downloads Updated 2022-07-28, 08:36 PM

Let it snow

14 Stars 3,279 Downloads Updated 2020-12-20, 08:28 PM

Provide a Google-style default avatar with elegant colors and username initials.

13 Stars 838 Downloads Updated 2018-10-11, 09:07 PM

Set up tabs for your forums!

13 Stars 4,902 Downloads Updated 2015-04-01, 02:20 PM

This mod will display an usegroup color legend under the list of online members together with the list of group leaders.

12 Stars 5,263 Downloads Updated 2016-07-12, 12:17 AM

Shows a message to people awaiting activation by email or admin.

10 Stars 1,560 Download Updated 2017-01-08, 04:57 PM

RT Chat Is a modern and responsive MyBB chat plugin which utilizes MyBB cache system when retrieving messages via ajax. For high performance and no database queries, you can speed up ajax requests to even 1-2 seconds per request for better message sync.

10 Stars 688 Downloads Updated 2024-04-02, 10:35 PM

Shows who was online in the last 24 hours.

10 Stars 2,952 Downloads Updated 2016-03-21, 11:46 AM

Give information and gain consent for cookies to be set by the forum.

9 Stars 2,724 Downloads Updated 2016-10-15, 06:48 PM

Shows a nice and customizable pop up for guests in your forums

7 Stars 1,531 Download Updated 2022-09-07, 09:19 PM