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Shows Usernames in forumdisplay.php colored.

5 Stars 4,213 Downloads Updated 2018-10-31, 09:00 AM

This plugin allows users to style their thread title during several days by paying a specific amount (Newpoints).

3 Stars 658 Downloads Updated 2018-12-31, 06:50 PM

Provide a Google-style default avatar with elegant colors and username initials.

13 Stars 838 Downloads Updated 2018-10-11, 09:07 PM

A simple notice that gets displayed to guests that are not logged in.

7 Stars 1,528 Download Updated 2018-10-02, 06:11 AM

Change image rank to labeltext

6 Stars 2,373 Downloads Updated 2018-08-26, 10:45 AM

New threads is a simple plugin that lets you display new forum threads by users on index.

2 Stars 647 Downloads Updated 2018-07-17, 03:11 PM

Displays the current price for most commonly used cryptocurrencies.

2 Stars 301 Downloads Updated 2020-07-17, 07:10 AM

Provides moon phase data for use in templates.

0 Stars 245 Downloads Updated 2018-05-24, 12:21 AM

Provides weather data for use in index templates.

0 Stars 222 Downloads Updated 2018-04-28, 09:15 PM

Seo Mybb - Description, Keywords, Robots Meta, Google Verification Code, Index Fórum

7 Stars 4,486 Downloads Updated 2018-02-18, 06:30 PM

The plugin adds the ability to display the status of users on TS3 and displays the list of users (screenshots).

2 Stars 1,170 Download Updated 2017-12-18, 06:30 PM

A sample plugin that allows you to create messages on the index page and appends them to each post.

1 Star 333 Downloads Updated 2017-10-17, 09:00 PM

Shows a selected group of users logged in at the time. (sidebox).

5 Stars 4,964 Downloads Updated 2017-07-28, 02:44 AM

Shows the latest posts in your forum

17 Stars 10,634 Downloads Updated 2017-03-26, 05:14 PM

Shows a message to people awaiting activation by email or admin.

10 Stars 1,560 Download Updated 2017-01-08, 04:57 PM

Show advanced statistics forum at the side panel(latest thread, newest member, top posters, top reputation and more)

28 Stars 13,749 Downloads Updated 2016-11-14, 06:49 PM

Give information and gain consent for cookies to be set by the forum.

9 Stars 2,724 Downloads Updated 2016-10-15, 06:48 PM

Set a daily post goal that your users should achieve on a daily basis.

3 Stars 611 Downloads Updated 2016-09-24, 09:17 AM

This mod will display an usegroup color legend under the list of online members together with the list of group leaders.

12 Stars 5,263 Downloads Updated 2016-07-12, 12:17 AM

Shows who was online in the last 24 hours.

10 Stars 2,952 Downloads Updated 2016-03-21, 11:46 AM