Giving your forum an entirely new look and feel is easy — just download one of these great themes! There are even themes for the admin control panel.

Projects in Seasonal

Focus is a clean and Elegant Flat MyBB theme which can be used by all sort of community users, one of the cool features of this theme is shrinking header on scroll. Focus MyBB Theme has been tested thoroughly on all browsers.

37 Stars 30,066 Downloads Updated 2020-12-03, 07:43 AM

Flatty - A nice & simplistic flat theme for MyBB.

98 Stars 45,431 Downloads Updated 2020-04-04, 07:15 PM

Modern Mybb Themes

4 Stars 951 Downloads Updated 2019-06-11, 08:58 AM


7 Stars 2,053 Downloads Updated 2020-01-27, 07:23 PM

Dazzle is a MyBB theme that has awesome user menus, easy to customize, and a slick interface your community will love.

5 Stars 904 Downloads Updated 2020-10-20, 04:42 AM

MyIPB is a clean and elegant theme, covering the awesome style of IPB 4.x.

2 Stars 498 Downloads Updated 2018-05-30, 10:28 PM

io Theme is a minimal, simple and free MyBB theme.

5 Stars 1,570 Download Updated 2018-02-10, 07:04 AM

If you want to shut down our site for maintenance, this theme is for you!

0 Stars 214 Downloads Updated 2017-06-27, 04:36 PM