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Projects in Moderation

Automate the control over the visitors of your MyBB site

5 Stars 361 Downloads Updated 2020-10-07, 09:00 PM

A MyBB Native Extension to Support Information Administration. Aims to implement main policies introduced by the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

11 Stars 407 Downloads Updated 2020-07-29, 03:34 PM

Advanced Invitation System to replace MyBB's own referral system.

5 Stars 1,190 Download Updated 2020-07-05, 11:23 PM

Show an alert bar when replying to old threads.

2 Stars 61 Downloads Updated 2020-05-02, 10:19 AM

Strips HTML/MyCode/Quotes from being counted in the minimum characters per post verification process.

5 Stars 415 Downloads Updated 2020-04-28, 08:32 PM

Allows administrators to edit additional post data.

7 Stars 822 Downloads Updated 2020-04-23, 09:31 AM

Converts MyBB 1.8 into Progressive Web Apps and Accelerated Mobile Pages styles.

0 Stars 95 Downloads Updated 2020-05-02, 08:27 PM

Allows you to ban users from replying to a thread.

5 Stars 1,104 Download Updated 2020-03-09, 05:20 PM

Allows you to ban users from posting in a forum.

0 Stars 164 Downloads Updated 2020-03-08, 03:28 PM

Blocks 7831 known anonymous, disposable, or spam email providers or services. This is the newest version of the plugin. Please feel free to suggest more blacklsited email providers.

5 Stars 776 Downloads Updated 2020-01-13, 11:55 AM

This plugin for MyBB lets forum administrators create fillable forms that can be send through PM or create a new thread in a forum.

30 Stars 4,894 Downloads Updated 2020-01-05, 02:20 PM

Reputation for warning

1 Star 99 Downloads Updated 2019-10-15, 04:48 PM

This keeps a record of a users IP history as they use the website. This is useful for auditing fraud/ban evaders/general/when people start using VPNS/Proxys during their user activity. It can record every instance of a users IP when it changes

17 Stars 1,399 Download Updated 2019-10-07, 10:25 PM

Allow moderator to add simple note to each post.

9 Stars 2,997 Downloads Updated 2019-08-05, 12:10 PM

Checks registration IP against a list of known proxy/VPNs. If detected the user is blocked from registering.

6 Stars 376 Downloads Updated 2019-08-01, 12:15 PM

Closes a thread (in all or specific forums) when the first post is reported by anybody.

1 Star 70 Downloads Updated 2019-07-20, 11:44 AM

Automatically closes and/or moves threads from one forum to another after the threads become a certain age.

9 Stars 668 Downloads Updated 2019-07-18, 12:48 PM

Automatically locks old threads after X days based on the last reply.

7 Stars 593 Downloads Updated 2019-07-18, 12:48 PM

Restrict users to send PM until they have enough posts

5 Stars 296 Downloads Updated 2019-05-17, 08:54 AM

Prohibit individual users from sending private messages or using the private messaging system.

3 Stars 194 Downloads Updated 2020-06-21, 05:00 PM