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Projects in Moderation

Apply moderator permissions globally to all forums

10 Stars 434 Downloads Updated 2017-01-29, 07:29 PM

Allows users to report private messages to moderators.

14 Stars 3,572 Downloads Updated 2016-10-18, 08:23 PM

Allow moderators to change icon of threads without editing first post

2 Stars 352 Downloads Updated 2016-06-05, 12:33 PM

Displays moderation actions sorted by date in posts/announcements/profiles/User CP (github-like).

3 Stars 397 Downloads Updated 2015-04-03, 12:45 PM

Allows moderators and administrators to reset a poll.

2 Stars 453 Downloads Updated 2015-03-13, 09:42 PM

Send warnings without increasing the warning level.

5 Stars 540 Downloads Updated 2017-03-12, 08:01 PM

Keep people from reporting stuff multiple times.

2 Stars 344 Downloads Updated 2015-02-14, 10:56 PM

Allows to you set restrictions about max posts available for users in threads or forums

5 Stars 380 Downloads Updated 2015-01-19, 12:39 PM

Allows to the admins/moderators set infinity restriction to user or usergroups! Try it!

4 Stars 618 Downloads Updated 2016-03-20, 02:31 PM

Engine your report system with other powerful settings and feature!

6 Stars 749 Downloads Updated 2015-01-06, 05:41 PM

A simple plugin that allows an administrator to choose whose ip addresses will be hidden for any action connected with Moderator Control Panel.

7 Stars 956 Downloads Updated 2015-01-03, 01:14 AM

Ability to whitelist email carriers rather than blacklisting the bad ones

3 Stars 574 Downloads Updated 2015-07-01, 06:22 PM

Allows you to ignore users globally

4 Stars 381 Downloads Updated 2014-09-27, 11:19 AM

This will allow Administrators to force a username change on a user

0 Stars 57 Downloads Updated 2020-07-18, 09:08 PM

Convert images and videos in quotes to links.

1 Star 28 Downloads Updated 2020-08-15, 11:40 PM

Star Wars Galaxies Authentication for MyBB

0 Stars 13 Downloads Updated 2020-04-11, 05:42 PM

Force specific groups to fill a captcha when posting in specific forums.

4 Stars 33 Downloads Updated 2020-10-22, 05:10 AM

Hide administrator's location at WOL list.

0 Stars 27 Downloads Updated 2020-05-02, 08:14 AM

Change Author on Edit lets you add to certain usergroups the ability to change the author of a thread upon editing of the first post. It's as simple as it sounds. The plugin adds 1 setting to each usergroup's permissions page.

0 Stars 4 Downloads Updated 2021-02-17, 12:08 PM

Converts MyBB into Progressive Web Apps and Accelerated Mobile Pages styles.

0 Stars 117 Downloads Updated 2020-05-02, 08:03 PM