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Projects in Communication

Give users the chance of obtaining awards

1 Star 60 Downloads Updated 2022-04-28, 08:29 PM

Simple sitemap generator for MyBB

2 Stars 247 Downloads Updated 2022-05-11, 03:52 PM

Display unlocked content list in UserCP and ModCP for the Hide Content and OUGC Lock plugins.

1 Star 110 Downloads Updated 2020-06-24, 07:44 AM

Allows users to create and manage their own groups.

4 Stars 175 Downloads Updated 2021-08-02, 02:58 PM

Change the extensions of the existing profile photos to .webp and upload the new ones as .webp.

1 Star 65 Downloads Updated 2023-02-19, 06:58 PM

It allows you to use Heroicons created by the makers of Tailwind CSS in MyBB posts as MyCode.

0 Stars 35 Downloads Updated 2023-03-05, 07:58 PM

With this Plugin you can manage your own Announcements

10 Stars 4,058 Downloads Updated 2014-08-15, 09:16 AM

Adds a simple newsletter system to your MyBB

16 Stars 3,279 Downloads Updated 2014-09-27, 11:19 AM

Add Read More button to news in portal, cutting them in three different way

7 Stars 885 Downloads Updated 2016-01-12, 02:22 PM

Professional stats for MyBB.

49 Stars 17,725 Downloads Updated 2016-06-02, 09:44 PM

You can tag user on your forum posts .

3 Stars 1,074 Download Updated 2017-04-07, 08:15 AM

This plugin sends notifications to users in the event of moderators intervention

3 Stars 493 Downloads Updated 2017-05-05, 08:05 AM

Automatically send messages to your Discord channels when a user does something!

7 Stars 1,486 Download Updated 2017-05-05, 08:22 AM

Randomly replies to threads with customized messages!

4 Stars 193 Downloads Updated 2017-09-12, 01:47 PM

Lightweight AJAX chat, modified by Rainbow Fresh.

2 Stars 829 Downloads Updated 2017-05-24, 09:54 AM

Mybb is written with the Do not Go plugin and dontgo.js to adapt to Mybb forums.

0 Stars 71 Downloads Updated 2017-08-28, 02:23 PM

The plugin adds the ability to display the status of users on TS3 and displays the list of users (screenshots).

2 Stars 1,170 Download Updated 2017-12-18, 06:30 PM

Forbid users from posting in a section unless they post in other sections

6 Stars 399 Downloads Updated 2018-03-01, 05:42 PM

Allows you to add a rules box to all moderators control panels

3 Stars 165 Downloads Updated 2018-03-02, 02:36 PM

Users get specific PM after replying to a thread.

3 Stars 170 Downloads Updated 2018-12-31, 06:48 PM