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RT Camo Proxy is a plugin which camouflages images inside posts and prevent 3rd-party image hosting obtaining visitors IP addresses. Instead your server will get image and serve it directly (and ask browser to cache it).

0 Stars 5 Downloads Updated 2023-05-26, 09:56 AM

Is a simple but powerful integration of Discord Webhook API where you can customize and insert as many Webhooks as you want and customize the output!

1 Star 14 Downloads Updated 2023-05-22, 02:01 PM

RT LiveSearch is a plugin which utilizes native MyBB search functionality and provides result via ajax. Very light and highly customizable plugin for your search queries.

4 Stars 82 Downloads Updated 2023-05-20, 02:44 PM

This Plugin will include the Google Analytics 4 API and Google Universal Analytics API.

16 Stars 6,393 Downloads Updated 2023-05-15, 07:06 PM

Hide the content of posts and threads for guests only.

0 Stars 55 Downloads Updated 2023-04-06, 10:21 PM

It's enable text editor in showthread_qickreply or post reply...

0 Stars 297 Downloads Updated 2023-05-23, 04:06 AM

Another nofollow plugin. By adding `rel="nofollow ugc noopener external"` tag to your outbound links, it informs the bots about the quality of your link and ensures that you don't give backlinks to third-party sites.

0 Stars 53 Downloads Updated 2023-02-20, 04:54 PM

Thank You/Like System for MyBB with MyAlerts and Tapatalk support

68 Stars 24,007 Downloads Updated 2023-02-11, 12:10 PM

Add a text note or an image into postbit info of thread starter

14 Stars 1,701 Download Updated 2023-01-09, 02:22 PM

FancyBox JavaScript library for presenting images in a fancy way. Fully responsive, touch-enabled and customizable

12 Stars 1,765 Download Updated 2022-11-19, 10:30 PM

Add a favicon to your forums

5 Stars 5,544 Downloads Updated 2022-09-06, 08:49 PM

An auto embed media plugin that takes links for popular video websites and adds a player directly into the post or mycode area of your website

18 Stars 5,665 Downloads Updated 2022-05-31, 04:10 PM

A medal system for MyBB. Medals once assigned show up in posts and on member profiles.

7 Stars 359 Downloads Updated 2021-09-01, 02:38 PM

This lets you download all posts in a thread in a choice of format.

1 Star 180 Downloads Updated 2021-07-31, 08:04 PM

Allows users to delete their rating on a thread.

6 Stars 379 Downloads Updated 2021-06-30, 10:44 PM

Allows users to enter a short description underneath the thread subject.

10 Stars 2,594 Downloads Updated 2021-06-30, 08:20 PM

Allows you to create links to submit threads to various social bookmarking sites.

8 Stars 1,977 Download Updated 2021-06-29, 10:25 PM

Adds a usergroup permission for removing the Edited by legend.

1 Star 327 Downloads Updated 2021-06-25, 09:20 PM

Adds instant messaging icons on the postbit.

1 Star 553 Downloads Updated 2021-06-25, 04:16 PM

Allows you to have threads automatically closed upon reaching a certain amount of replies.

3 Stars 408 Downloads Updated 2021-06-23, 06:57 PM