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An auto embed media plugin that takes links for popular video websites and adds a player directly into the post or mycode area of your website

18 Stars 5,318 Downloads Updated 2022-05-31, 04:10 PM

Add a text note or an image into postbit info of thread starter

12 Stars 1,618 Download Updated 2022-02-22, 01:12 PM

Thank You/Like System for MyBB with MyAlerts and Tapatalk support

64 Stars 22,878 Downloads Updated 2022-01-12, 09:32 PM

A medal system for MyBB. Medals once assigned show up in posts and on member profiles.

3 Stars 227 Downloads Updated 2021-09-01, 02:38 PM

This lets you download all posts in a thread in a choice of format.

1 Star 143 Downloads Updated 2021-07-31, 08:04 PM

Allows users to delete their rating on a thread.

5 Stars 364 Downloads Updated 2021-06-30, 10:44 PM

Allows users to enter a short description underneath the thread subject.

9 Stars 2,461 Downloads Updated 2021-06-30, 08:20 PM

Allows you to create links to submit threads to various social bookmarking sites.

8 Stars 1,915 Download Updated 2021-06-29, 10:25 PM

Adds a usergroup permission for removing the Edited by legend.

1 Star 316 Downloads Updated 2021-06-25, 09:20 PM

Adds instant messaging icons on the postbit.

1 Star 542 Downloads Updated 2021-06-25, 04:16 PM

Allows you to have threads automatically closed upon reaching a certain amount of replies.

3 Stars 400 Downloads Updated 2021-06-23, 06:57 PM

Adds four additional forum options for control over avatar, signature, quick reply display and post reputation in forums.

2 Stars 1,314 Download Updated 2021-06-22, 11:28 PM

Gives users the ability to Display an item from their Shop Inventory as an extension to their username.

9 Stars 537 Downloads Updated 2021-05-12, 05:44 PM

This Plugin will include the Google Analytics API and Google Universal Analytics (v4) API.

15 Stars 6,033 Downloads Updated 2021-05-06, 09:47 PM

Shows a bars on postbit with some creteria based on registered date and your reputation and post count

9 Stars 2,416 Downloads Updated 2021-04-21, 12:39 AM

FancyBox JavaScript library for presenting images in a fancy way. Fully responsive, touch-enabled and customizable

10 Stars 1,537 Download Updated 2021-04-04, 09:02 AM

Allow you to create more than one poll per thread

2 Stars 87 Downloads Updated 2021-03-11, 08:26 AM

A MyBB plugin to add a link to any thread where you have posted to jump to your last post.

6 Stars 151 Downloads Updated 2021-02-16, 05:28 PM

Pin the important replies of a thread just after first post.

5 Stars 187 Downloads Updated 2021-02-05, 07:30 PM

Hides Thread Content until user replies to the thread

2 Stars 359 Downloads Updated 2021-01-28, 09:20 AM