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permet de faire le classement topserveur avec l'api

0 Stars 2 Downloads Updated Yesterday, 06:30 PM

RT Camo Proxy is a plugin which camouflages images inside posts and prevent 3rd-party image hosting obtaining visitors IP addresses. Instead your server will get image and serve it directly (and ask browser to cache it).

0 Stars 11 Downloads Updated Yesterday, 11:38 AM

Is a simple but powerful integration of Discord Webhook API where you can customize and insert as many Webhooks as you want and customize the output!

2 Stars 18 Downloads Updated 2023-05-22, 02:01 PM

Hide administrator's location from the Who Is Online (WOL) list.

0 Stars 62 Downloads Updated 2023-05-21, 04:02 PM

RT Extended Cache is a plugin that extends the native MyBB cache handler with additional functionalities to simplify the work of both users and developers.

4 Stars 38 Downloads Updated 2023-05-20, 03:56 PM

RT Chat Is a modern and responsive MyBB chat plugin which utilizes MyBB cache system when retrieving messages via ajax. For high performance and no database queries, you can speed up ajax requests to even 1-2 seconds per request for better message sync.

5 Stars 112 Downloads Updated 2023-05-20, 03:47 PM

RT Disposable Mails is a plugin which checks an external API to retrieve filtered spam mails and saves them into cache. Then check based on settings if user can login/register

3 Stars 42 Downloads Updated 2023-05-20, 03:28 PM

RT ChatGPT is a plugin which utilizes OpenAI API to generate responses in selected forums and do tasks. The plugin can be extended and new models can be added with ease!

4 Stars 53 Downloads Updated 2023-05-20, 02:56 PM

RT LiveSearch is a plugin which utilizes native MyBB search functionality and provides result via ajax. Very light and highly customizable plugin for your search queries.

4 Stars 84 Downloads Updated 2023-05-20, 02:44 PM

This Plugin will include the Google Analytics 4 API and Google Universal Analytics API.

16 Stars 6,399 Downloads Updated 2023-05-15, 07:06 PM

Allows you to disable users from editing individual posts.

4 Stars 257 Downloads Updated 2023-04-09, 06:57 PM

Hide the content of posts and threads for guests only.

0 Stars 56 Downloads Updated 2023-04-06, 10:21 PM

It allows users to add tags in their threads

22 Stars 6,153 Downloads Updated 2023-04-04, 11:34 PM

It's enable text editor in showthread_qickreply or post reply...

0 Stars 299 Downloads Updated 2023-05-23, 04:06 AM

Simple MyBB 1.8 plugin to fix the empty default avatar in custom themes member menu

10 Stars 3,234 Downloads Updated 2023-03-22, 06:56 PM

Another nofollow plugin. By adding `rel="nofollow ugc noopener external"` tag to your outbound links, it informs the bots about the quality of your link and ensures that you don't give backlinks to third-party sites.

0 Stars 53 Downloads Updated 2023-02-20, 04:54 PM

It adds the required scripts for the Alpine.js library to your MyBB theme and enables you to use the Alpine.js magics that are not allowed by the MyBB 1.8 theme engine.

0 Stars 44 Downloads Updated 2023-02-20, 04:36 PM

Thank You/Like System for MyBB with MyAlerts and Tapatalk support

68 Stars 24,015 Downloads Updated 2023-02-11, 12:10 PM

Simple MyBB 1.8 plugin to count and to display number of announcement visits.

2 Stars 276 Downloads Updated 2023-02-08, 11:24 PM

Provides members with a tool to export their posts, optionally including attachments.

2 Stars 75 Downloads Updated 2023-02-06, 11:12 AM