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Integration for Rex Digital Shop, an e commerce platform that helps you sell just about everything.

6 Stars 645 Downloads Updated 2022-05-11, 09:06 AM

Autocomplete Mention

16 Stars 4,555 Downloads Updated 2022-04-30, 11:41 PM

Plug and play RestAPI for your MyBB Board

1 Star 22 Downloads Updated 2022-05-01, 03:37 PM

Inhibits thread bumps (by new posts) in stipulated forums other than by the thread author - original poster (OP) - after a stipulated bump interval has elapsed since the last bump..

2 Stars 31 Downloads Updated 2022-04-30, 01:07 PM

Automatic RSS feed posting in a forum of your choice on a time interval

15 Stars 3,372 Downloads Updated 2022-03-25, 03:30 PM

Simple MyBB plugin to create a thread on post reports

4 Stars 236 Downloads Updated 2022-03-24, 04:07 PM

Filters and forwards user-generated content from insecure protocols (non-HTTPS).

28 Stars 4,552 Downloads Updated 2022-03-15, 05:31 PM

Allows the authors of threads to close and reopen their own threads in forums stipulated in the plugin's ACP settings if they are in an authorised usergroup.

2 Stars 48 Downloads Updated 2022-04-30, 01:08 PM

A fully to MyBB 1.8 adapted version of Sebastian Wunderlichs plugin "PageManager" with some new features.

19 Stars 3,788 Downloads Updated 2022-02-24, 01:36 PM

Add a text note or an image into postbit info of thread starter

12 Stars 1,603 Download Updated 2022-02-22, 01:12 PM

Lists the threads that were active (posted to at least once) during a given period.

7 Stars 500 Downloads Updated 2022-02-12, 07:13 AM

Provides easy viewing of Error Log

5 Stars 334 Downloads Updated 2022-02-06, 04:51 PM

Simple MyBB 1.8 plugin to force moderation of first user post.

3 Stars 100 Downloads Updated 2022-01-19, 01:33 PM

An auto embed media plugin that takes links for popular video websites and adds a player directly into the post or mycode area of your website

18 Stars 5,264 Downloads Updated 2022-01-17, 03:31 PM

Thank You/Like System for MyBB with MyAlerts and Tapatalk support

64 Stars 22,755 Downloads Updated 2022-01-12, 09:32 PM

Keeps track of links (URLs) in posts and then provides four link services: (1) link previews, (2) seamless link searching, (3) duplicate link warning, and (4) link limiting.

4 Stars 420 Downloads Updated 2022-01-10, 06:45 PM

Automatically resizes all attachment images to save bandwidth and space.

4 Stars 525 Downloads Updated 2021-12-30, 01:13 PM

Block registration on your forum when those users are coming from hosting, vpn, or proxy providers.

0 Stars 125 Downloads Updated 2021-11-27, 08:08 PM

Live preview of latest content.

17 Stars 1,810 Download Updated 2021-11-11, 04:28 PM

Upgrades the password hash algorithm and converts old passwords on the fly.

16 Stars 1,079 Download Updated 2021-11-05, 04:01 PM