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Max power, all-in-one, no Captcha, premium anti-spam plugin. No comment spam, no registration spam.

3 Stars 684 Downloads Updated 2020-05-28, 12:52 PM

This plugin blocks unwanted visitors by their IP address or origin country.

1 Star 614 Downloads Updated Yesterday, 09:00 AM

Creates a new page on MyBB showing the user map

6 Stars 377 Downloads Updated 2020-05-28, 06:00 AM

Show in post whether a user has birthday.

4 Stars 360 Downloads Updated 2020-05-25, 08:23 AM

This plugin add a "view unread posts" function for all registered users - additional search engine option, like a the same function in phpBB3.

30 Stars 6,441 Downloads Updated 2020-05-24, 04:55 PM

Users have the possibility to enter their SteamID in their profile. Then some details about your Steam profile will be displayed in the forum profile.

3 Stars 513 Downloads Updated 2020-05-23, 10:02 AM

This plugin allows each user to choose his favorite theme color via a color picker and it's saved in database.

2 Stars 458 Downloads Updated 2020-05-22, 08:08 AM

Create a sitemap for your forum and update it with the frequency you want

1 Star 104 Downloads Updated 2020-05-18, 02:46 PM

Formats code snippets.

11 Stars 658 Downloads Updated 2020-05-11, 01:04 PM

Minecraft Server Info

0 Stars 49 Downloads Updated 2020-05-09, 02:22 PM

A very primitive MyBB plugin for showing Open Graph metas for various forum modules.

1 Star 18 Downloads Updated 2020-05-07, 07:44 AM

Show an alert bar when replying to old threads.

1 Star 22 Downloads Updated 2020-05-02, 10:19 AM

This plugin will allow administrators and super moderators to manage announcement bars.

10 Stars 6,414 Downloads Updated 2020-04-30, 01:27 AM

Add a fully thankyou system to MyBB. Add thanks button to postbit and a counter and more things, hide until thanks improvement working with AJAX

30 Stars 10,306 Downloads Updated 2020-04-29, 10:32 PM

Use header images on a by forum basis.

3 Stars 1,322 Download Updated 2020-04-29, 10:02 PM

Show additional usergroup images in profile and postbit.

7 Stars 3,105 Downloads Updated 2020-04-29, 09:35 PM

Hide content within a spoiler tag.

4 Stars 336 Downloads Updated 2020-04-29, 09:01 PM

Allow users to mark private messages as unread.

2 Stars 269 Downloads Updated 2020-04-29, 08:33 PM

Display the thread message inside the forum display thread listing.

0 Stars 68 Downloads Updated 2020-04-29, 07:07 PM

Create additional pages directly from the ACP.

7 Stars 2,736 Downloads Updated 2020-04-29, 04:09 AM