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Shows the latest posts in your forum

6 Stars 3,993 Downloads Updated Yesterday, 05:14 PM

Upgrades the login system by storing hashes using bcrypt instead of md5.

2 Stars 106 Downloads Updated 03-24-2017, 01:28 AM

Scans the specified custom template groups and renders all templates in those template groups.

1 Star 17 Downloads Updated 03-24-2017, 12:17 AM

Makes it so that subdomains can be used for staging without keeping staged databases.

0 Stars 10 Downloads Updated 03-24-2017, 12:16 AM

Creates a page /misc.php?action=myrecentthreads that shows threads that the user has posted in and in which the user is mentioned that have unread replies.

1 Star 58 Downloads Updated 03-24-2017, 12:16 AM

Fixes it so that moderators can move posts and threads with a dropdown menu instead of by copying and pasting urls and makes it so that moderators can move the first post out of a thread without deleting the thread.

1 Star 126 Downloads Updated 03-24-2017, 12:15 AM

Disallows sending private messages while the user has the receipt of private messages disabled.

1 Star 28 Downloads Updated 03-24-2017, 12:14 AM

Improves threaded mode by removing the thread outline display in threaded mode and replacing it with collapsible nested threaded bits.

0 Stars 52 Downloads Updated 03-24-2017, 12:14 AM

Makes all images in posts resizeable via dragging.

1 Star 133 Downloads Updated 03-24-2017, 12:13 AM

Checks the users ip address on login and only allows logging into an admin account from an ip from the admin ips whitelist.

0 Stars 79 Downloads Updated 03-24-2017, 12:12 AM

Allows posters and moderators to marks posts and threads as political using the Politics icon and thread prefix, and allows users to opt out of seeing posts and threads marked with such icons or thread prefixes.

0 Stars 25 Downloads Updated 03-24-2017, 12:11 AM

Block proxy access to your site.

1 Star 38 Downloads Updated 03-23-2017, 01:53 PM

Shows the users that has been online within 24 hours

4 Stars 320 Downloads Updated 03-20-2017, 03:30 AM

Host your uploaded files on filehosting sites via

0 Stars 7 Downloads Updated 03-19-2017, 05:43 PM

Creates a trash bin in the ACP where you can recover permanent deleted threads and posts

1 Star 24 Downloads Updated 03-19-2017, 10:25 AM

NewPoints is a complex but efficient and user-friendly points system for MyBB.

18 Stars 6,673 Downloads Updated 03-18-2017, 03:08 PM

A gallery system for MyBB with categories/thumbnails/ and permission system.

5 Stars 2,190 Downloads Updated 03-16-2017, 08:21 PM

Build a buzzing community using our responsive, customizable chat plugin with multiple chat rooms. Sign up for free and get going.

2 Stars 1,798 Download Updated 03-15-2017, 05:58 PM

Allows users to ban their own forum accounts for a set time period.

0 Stars 19 Downloads Updated 03-14-2017, 09:22 PM

Allow threads to redirect to a URL with optional custom text

0 Stars 11 Downloads Updated 03-14-2017, 07:44 PM