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Fully responsive, modern & multicolor theme for MyBB 1.8 (Documentation included)

Change Log for Emerald

Build #15 stable

File edits

Build #14 stable

Files edits

Build #13 stable

Changes in files

Build #12 stable

Some bugs corrected
Added advertisement place

Build #11 stable

"Authorization code mismatch" error fixed
Invisibility of user links on mobile fixed

Build #10 stable

Fixed register page responsivity

Version 2.0 stable Build #9

100% of images are now replaced by font icons
100% of pages are now responsive
Using the v5 of Font Icons
Fixed navigation issues
Header dropdown
General design improvements

Version 1.6 stable Build #8

- Full Edit bug fixed
- Global design improvements
- Fixed footer on the bottom

Version 1.5 stable Build #7

Moderation tools fixed
Cookies problem fixed

Version 1.4 dev Build #6

Postbit responsivity bug

Version v1.3 dev Build #5

Fixed some responsive design bugs

Version v1.2 dev Build #4

  • Postbit height bug
  • Signature scale bug
  • Author link doesn't work
  • Incomplete breadcrumb
  • Some responsive design compatibility issues

Version v1.1 dev Build #3

Showteam removed

Version 1.0 dev Build #2

Changes in thread design, home
Removal of showthread.php

Version 1.0 dev Build #1

The first build has no changes.