Elwitch Theme

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ElwitchTheme is a theme for your mybb forum.

Change Log for Elwitch Theme

Version 4.3 stable Build #5

RC 4.3

- The Logo header is now col-lg-6 width
- The Welcome Block is new look logout button
- Add new footer width and news options.
- Add Theme Options.
- Add LiteMode footer.
- Add new page theme-options.php ( stats,forumteam,litemode,version,copyright,rss...)
- Margin Top categories width fix.
- Translate auto forum (messages/threads/topiclastpost)
- New footer social icons for socials profiles.
- New Design input select buttons.
- New Design for posts in forum sections.
- The BG is now linked to free pictures : PEXELS
- The BG is now responsive, mobiles and others screens.

Version 4.2 stable Build #4

- Add Theme selector/Language selector
- New footer ThemeSelector/Language and others..
- Fix and New design for cat├ęgories title.
- New Go to top and delete the gotop.png in assets.
- Fix Background stripes cards forum.
- Sujets > Subjects in english adding.

CHECK the new version : https://xboxfrance.fr/wordpress-one/forum/

Version 4.1 stable Build #3

New version of the theme, old theme give up, nevertheless available for download.

Version 2.3 dev Build #2

Changelog : https://support.montblancdesign.fr/showthread.php?tid=1

Version 2.0 dev Build #1

The first build has no changes.