MyBB FancyBox

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FancyBox JavaScript library for presenting images in a fancy way. Fully responsive, touch-enabled and customizable

Change Log for MyBB FancyBox

Version 1.1.2 stable Build #15

[FIX] - PHP warnings for THIS_SCRIPT - thx @lairdshaw

Version 1.1.1 stable Build #14

[FIX] - activate/deactivate missing ACP settings - thx @lairdshaw (@Laird)

Version 1.1.0 stable Build #13

[FEATURE] - Add a new setting - parsing images only from attachments not from URLs in galleries
[FEATURE] - Add a new setting - single gallery for all images in a thread's page
[IMPROVEMENT] - Minimize and maximize feature is working now as expected under all circumstances
[IMPROVEMENT] - URLs parsing in posts now check all patterns
[FIX] - Xthreads error - now works corrected on a new thread/post page
[FIX] - URLs parsing (images) in posts now check all patterns
[FIX] - Thumbnail button was not working correctly, now should open a thumbnail sidebar
[FIX] - Thumbnail sidebar was empty and not displayed
[FIX] - Attachments images disappear on pop-up

Thank you very much for your contribution @lairdshaw

Version 1.0.1 stable Build #12

Bug fix release - SQL error

Version 1.0.0 stable Build #11

First major release. This update contains a lot of code improvements, bug fixes and brings ACP setting for much easier customization of FancyBox.

New features:
- image watermarks
- ignore small images from watermarking
- open image URLs in FancyBox
- minimise button
- small design changes and bug fixes

Thank you @Wildcard and @effone, without you it would not be possible!

Version 0.8.4 stable Build #10

Just a minor bug fix release.
FancyBox JS library updated to v3.5.6 - it resolves one bug with swipe over caption

Version 0.8.3 stable Build #9

FancyBox JS library updated to 3.5.5 - resolves two bugs (caption, iOS display issue)

Version 0.8.2 stable Build #8

Version 0.8.1 stable Build #7

Bug fix release.

  • FancyBox library updated to v3.5.2
  • small adjustments for default settings
  • fix caption alignment (CSS)
  • fix small typos in comments

Version 0.8 stable Build #6

FancyBox library was updated to v3.5.1 - it contains a lot of improvements and bug fixes
**New option preventCaptionOverlap (enabled by default for desktop only) prevents caption from overlapping the content;
**HTML5 video now uses thumbnail image as poster;
**Redesigned caption - centered, without top border and does not hide when idling (and preventCaptionOverlap is enabled);
**It is now easier to set content height in % (especially for iframes), there is no need to adjust bottom margin and max-height (caused by this -, because bottom margin is applied automatically using JS)

**Fixed thumbnail visibility detection (now works better with sliders);
**Fixed share modal not closing when clicking outside content area;
**Fixed iframe support for iOS

Version 0.7 stable Build #5

FancyBox library was updated to v3.4.2, here is a changelog:
*Updated slideshow
*Slideshow now waits for YouTube and Vimeo video to end
*Slideshow now has a progressbar
*After YouTube or Vimeo video ends, gallery will automatically move to the next slide
*Revised transitions

*Slideshow button is now displayed by default
*Slightly updated visuals
*Tweaked loading icon
*Changed background color of thumbnails list; border color of active element

*Fixed IE11 issues
*Transitions not working on some zoom levels
*Updated scrollbar width detection should fix page shifting
*Fixed issue with unwanted characters inside thumbnail list
*Fixed issue when sometimes iframe height is not calculated correctly

Version 0.6 stable Build #4


  • add support for custom lang (including JS part)

  • better handling of template modifications - you wont lose any custom modification on install and uninstall, all is cached

  • FancyBox library updated to v3.4.1 - a lof of bug fixes implemented
How to update? If you are using v0.5 or older please uninstall, copy new files (v0.6) and install AGAIN.

Thank you @WildcardSearch for your help! I really appreciate it :)

Version 0.5 stable Build #3

* FancyBox library updated to v3.4.0 (29/08/2018) - a lot of bug fixes and improvements
* fix CSS for images

Version 0.4 stable Build #2

- added support for images in posts
- added support for subfolder MyBB installations (MyBB Asset URL)
- small code changes and improvements

Thank you @Wildcard and @8guawong!

Version 0.3 dev Build #1

The first build has no changes.