Hide urls/links for specific usergroups - 1.8.x

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Hide links in posts from selected user groups and customize the text!

Change Log for Hide urls/links for specific usergroups - 1.8.x

Version 1.5 stable Build #4

English (Update Version 1.5)
- Added whitelist to exclude specific links / URLs.
- Language files edited

German:[b] (Update Version 1.5)[/b]
- Whitelist hinzugefügt um bestimmte Links / URLs auszuschließen.
- Sprachdateien bearbeitet

Version 1.4 stable Build #3

Bugfix 17.02.2019
If "All groups" was selected in the settings, the setting "Please specify for which posts the plugin should replace links" no longer worked. The plugin only checked which group the user is assigned to, but ignored the "-1" in the database for "All groups". The if-statements has been modified in all cases.

Info: This function will probably not be used, but it should work. Have fun!

Version 1.3 dev Build #2

Bug fixed! 17/02/2019

As soon as you did not select "All Posts", the group selection did not work anymore. Thanks Eldenroot for reporting this.[url=https://community.mybb.com/user-84065.html][/url]

Version 1.2 dev Build #1

The first build has no changes.