ABP Usermap - OpenStreetMap

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Creates a new page on MyBB showing the user map

Change Log for ABP Usermap - OpenStreetMap

Version 2.0 dev Build #17

Development version

This version adds the autolocation, a reverse geolocation allowing the way to autofill an userprofile field, and various little things.
It now uses separate table for map infos.

Upload the Upload/ directory content to your forum root, activate & install the plugin.
Check the task programmation.

Upload the Upload/ directory content to your forum root, deactivate & reactivate the plugin.
Go to Configuration > User map and click "Upgrade DB" tab

Feel free to report any bug or issue at https://gitlab.com/ab-plugins/abp-user-map

Version 1.5.8 stable Build #16

Corrected a bug in alter of users table

Version 1.5.7 dev Build #15

Bugged - Do not use
  • Corrected trouble with WOL in user profile
  • Added an option in userlist (map page): the user link can now center the map and open the user popup (beta)
  • corrected global variable "number of hidden locations" to make it accessible in map page

Version 1.5.3 stable Build #14

Corrections :
The cache of the templates has been modified, due to an incompatibility with X-Threads


  • When auto-geolocalisation is enabled, users can choose to modify, hide* or reset their localisation
  • * if admin allow them
  • A task file has been added to retrieve user geoip (10 users each run). The task must be manually added to the task manager, the better thing is to set a run each hour
  • global variable "number of hidden locations" is now accessible ($abp_umap_hidden_cpt)

Version 1.5 stable Build #13

When "autolocation" is enable, users can change their own location from UCP, but cannot delete it.

Version 1.4.2 dev Build #12

Addition of an option to automaticaly locate the users, using https://ip-api.com.

Version 1.4 stable Build #11

Changed the way the usermap cache is generated

New feature
Added a setting to allow a warn message when user didn't set his localisation. Warning is displayed in index, showthread, forumdisplay, search, newthread, newreply and polls.
@TODO: allow admin to choose where he want to display the warning

Version 1.3.7 stable Build #10

increase cache generation rate

  • force generation when ABP Usermap page is loaded
  • force generation when index page is loaded

Version 1.3.5 stable Build #9

Corrected two bugs with cache:

  • Regeneration of cache when settings are changed in ACP, so the order settings are immediately applicated
  • Regeneration of cache when user changes his avatar

Version 1.3.4 stable Build #8

Added option to sort the userlist of localised users.
Sort options: username, joined and last visit (asc & desc)

Version 1.3.3 dev Build #7

Global variables for developers :

  • (boolean) $mybb->user['islocalised'] allow to know if the current user has setted his localisation
  • (int) $abp_umap_cpt gives the number of users who are localised
  • (string) $abp_umap_users is the formated (depending on settings in ACP) list of localised users

Version 1.3.2 stable Build #6

Usermap page

  • There're now 2 buttons below the map. The first one revert to the default zoom value, the second centers the map on the user' location (if it gave it) or the admin' predefined center
  • Possibility to display the list of localised users
User CP
  • The same buttons than on the page are present
  • A textbox with the GPS coordinate (if user want to copy them)
Admin CP
  • Added setting to disable/enable listing of users on page
  • Added a map option to display a default avatar in popup if user haven't avatar
  • Added an Upgrade DB tab: it's a simple link wich adds new settings in database. No more need to uninstall/reinstall the plugin to get the full settings

Technical update
  • a global variable $abp_umap_user in postbit hook, so plugins developpers can use it
  • using cache to avoid making too much DB queries (cf postbit hook)

Version 1.3.1 stable Build #5

Bug correction
The toplink template is now called at the good time, so user modifications in this template are now working.

Version 1.3 dev Build #4

  • Added GPS ccordinates box in UCP (information only, can't be edited)
  • Added scale info in map (ACP allows to deactivate)
  • Added button "default zoom level" on page
  • Entry for class name in ACP
  • It's now possible to choose a zoom level which will deactivate the marker clustering

Version 1.2 stable Build #3

  • Corrected permission check which was blocking all misc pages
  • Corrected some bugs in marker and popup position
  • Added some details on page and ucp
  • Added marker center position in ACP
  • ... many more little corrections

Version 1.1 stable Build #2


  • UCP : user must check a box to validate his location (to avoid changing it inadvertently)
  • UCP : user can choose to delete his location

Corrected different small bugs, especially in marker placement.

Version 1.0 dev Build #1

The first build has no changes.