RPG Stats

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Adds RPG stats, like HP and MP, to user details on postbits. The stats increase with their post count.

Change Log for RPG Stats

Version 1.2.0 stable Build #9

Add Gil system
Add equip system
Fix for reversion where turning off Limit Break or elements systems didn't disable the template display
Merge Lv/EXP/HP/MP templates into one template to reduce queries (legacy templates will still be deleted when uninstalled)

Version 1.1.8 stable Build #8

Fix for settings not uninstalling completely (activate and deactivate to uninstall completely or to clear duplicates if applicable)
Fix minor bugs, grammar, and formatting
Add more details to the readme
Add tutorial screenshots to accompany the readme

Version 1.1.7 stable Build #7

Fix for bug where the "All groups" "Viewably By" setting went unhandled
Fix version number (last build was improperly versioned)

Version 1.1.6 stable Build #6

Add option to enable or disable RPG stats viewing by usergroup

Version 1.1.5 stable Build #5

Refactor the plugin to not be as reliant on $post and postbit as to make it compatible with future plugins
Fix minor bugs and file path issues

Version 1.1 stable Build #4

Add language support for admin options
Split each stat bar into its own template
Add option to turn on/off Limit Break system
Add options for image paths for all images
Add elements system

Version 1.0.2 stable Build #3

Fix for bug when leaving some user fields blank

Version 1.0.1 stable Build #2

Apply number formatting to stats for output
Add template details to readme.txt

Version 1.0 stable Build #1

The first build has no changes.