Profile Picture

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Allows users to upload a picture that will be displayed in their profile.

Change Log for Profile Picture

Version 1.4 stable Build #5

- Added check to see if THIS_SCRIPT is defined
- Fixed PHP 8.0 errors
- Use require_once for template updates

Version 1.3 stable Build #4

- Sanitized usernames
- Ability to disallow remote profile pictures
- Use my_validate_url function
- Renamed profilepic to profilepicture
- Changed description input box to textarea
- Parse badwords in description
- Removed PHP closing tags
- Use THIS_SCRIPT for template caching
- Miscellaneous cleanup

Version 1.2 stable Build #3

- Bug: Fixed size restriction broken for remote pictures
- URL improvements for Gravatars
- Optimized PNG image icon
- Bug: Fixed BMP images don't work for profile pictures
- Updated and arranged language variables
- Updated internal variable names

Version 1.1 stable Build #2

- Added PostgreSQL and SQLite support
- Added Admin CP edit user section
- Using generate_numeric_field function
- Changed (int)$mybb->input to $mybb->get_input
- Updated format_profile_picture function
- Renamed profile picture functions and file
- Updated user deletion function
- Renamed User CP link

Version 1.0 stable Build #1

The first build has no changes.