DVZ ShoutBox Bot

by Qwizi 6 Stars 1,267 Downloads

Bot sending messages on chat if user will register or write new thread/post and responds to commands.

Change Log for DVZ ShoutBox Bot

Version 1.5.4 stable Build #5

  • Removed "NULL" from the index page
  • Fxed a 504 error that occurred after using the unban command

Version 1.5.3 stable Build #4

  • Added commands logs
  • Added bot permision in acp
  • Added paggination in acp
  • Small changes in commands classes

Version 1.5.2 stable Build #3

  • Added command arguments
  • Changed commands data to single file
  • Small changes

Version 1.5.1 stable Build #2

  • Removed polish translation from repository
  • Small changes

Version 1.5.0 stable Build #1

The first build has no changes.