Isango - MyBB Simple Social Login

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MyBB Simple Social Login / Registration Plugin Using OAuth2

Change Log for Isango - MyBB Simple Social Login

Version 2.0.1 stable Build #5

Bug fix and security release :)

Version 2.0.0 stable Build #4

Major release - please check the changelog below! Thank you @effone for your time and effort to bring version 2.0.0 to day light!

Bug Fixes:
- Random Password length to obey MyBB Settings
- Settings display order irregularity
- Purge Deleted user Orphan Connections
- Capturing Registration IP while creating new account
- Duplicate add_breadcrumb in UserCP
- Possible problem with other required fields
- Wrong key check for emails in return data validation
- Multiple API Calls with common key
- Param-less Header build fail

Features / Enhancements:
- Enable / Disable new registrations (only login)
- Allow only one connection per service
- Send PM to newly registered users
- Isolating build files : SCSS and MAP files for CSS compilation
- Connection Delete Confirmation (UCP)
- Connection Status Indicator in UCP listing
- Isolate / Enforce Button Style + Button structural improvements
- All templates are cached
- Transfer connections on account merge
- Master switch
- Secure cross email match with user registration table

New Integrations:
- Support added for Amazon
- Support added for Imgur
- Support added for Spotify
- Support added for Twitch
- Support added for WordPress
- Support added for Yahoo!

Version 1.1.1 stable Build #3

Config Hotfix Release

Version 1.1.0 stable Build #2

Change Log:

  • Error message language typo correction
  • Make use of verified status from returned gateway data

Version 1.0.0 stable Build #1

The first build has no changes.