Rex Digital Shop - Paid Usergroup Subscriptions

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Integration for Rex Digital Shop, an e commerce platform that helps you sell just about everything.

Change Log for Rex Digital Shop - Paid Usergroup Subscriptions

Version 1.20 stable Build #19

Changes To Extending Time
Time is now only extended if the purchase has the same SKU (is the same product).

Version 1.19 stable Build #18

Hide products with no subscription options.
Handle if there's no products at all

Version 1.18 stable Build #17

Fixed typo

Version 1.17 stable Build #16

Php 8 compatability changes
Fallback with missing translations
Fixed exclude/include lists

Version 1.14 stable Build #15

Fixed not storing the status of the transaction.

Version 1.13 stable Build #14

Fixed a bug that would cause users to not be upgraded

Version 1.12 stable Build #13


  • Fixed users not being upgraded.

  • FIxed addon information not being stored.

Version 1.11 stable Build #12


  • Fixed products duplicating in the store

Version 1.10 stable Build #11


  • We now store addon selections.

Version 1.09 stable Build #10


  • Including the custom parameter in quick-checkout

Version 1.08 stable Build #9


  • Removed a step in the checkout flow.

  • Added more dockbloks

  • Renamed functions for clarity

  • Grammar & typos

  • Fixed a rare scenario where the downgrade system could get stuck.

  • Fixed the onlyusergroups & excludeusergroups addon feature

  • Allow to also use the singular representation of the two above.

Version 1.07 stable Build #8

- Fixed product prices not being loaded under certain conditions.

Version 1.06 stable Build #7


Added ability to exclude or include usergroups from being able to buy individual products.
To do so follow the same princip as explained in the tutorial video here(2:38):
Just name the addon:
- "onlyusergroups" (To only allow the listed usergroups to buy).
- "excludeusergroups" (To allow everyone BUT the listed usergroups to buy).
Both of these accept a comma seperated list of usergroup ids. (Example: 2,3,8,4)

Version 1.05 stable Build #6

- Exclude usergroups from accessing the store.

Version 1.04 stable Build #5

Lifetime Subscriptions
Fixed a bug for people running mysql in strict mode.

Version 1.03 stable Build #4

New Features

  • Added subscription expiration date on the store page

  • Subscription expiration date is dynamically showing depending on the users timezone
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed Extending Subscriptions

  • Fixed Bug That Would Not Expire Users

  • Fixed Bug That Would Ignore Webhook Listener
  • Version Bump

Version 1.02 stable Build #3

Security Fixes

Displaying the price in the product plan selections.

Version 1.01 stable Build #2

Fixed an error that would occur if a store has several products.

Version 1.0 stable Build #1

The first build has no changes.