Link Tools

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Keeps track of links (URLs) in posts and then provides four link services: (1) link previews, (2) seamless link searching, (3) duplicate link warning, and (4) link limiting.

Change Log for Link Tools

Version 1.4.1 stable Build #9

  • Bugfix: the forums of link limit rules weren't being respected; limits were being applied to all forums regardless of those selected.
  • Enhancement: improved the respecting of link limits when editing posts.

Version 1.4.0 stable Build #8

  • Adds link limiting support. This allows for limiting of the number of links that may be posted by members of a given set of usergroups in a given set of forums over a given (rolling) period.

Version 1.3.4 stable Build #7

  • Bugfix: avoids a database error on installation when STRICT_TRANS_TABLES is present in the database's sql_mode setting.
  • Bugfix: the duplicate link warner's extended warning box showed the same value for url2 in the "url as url2" message for a post even when "url" occurred multiple times in the post as different "url2"s.
  • Bugfix: the invalidation ACP tool wasn't ignoring missing previewers.
  • Improves support for PHP 8 and fixes various related issues.
  • Adds missing Peekers to the plugin's settings (hides settings dependent on the value of other settings).
  • Improves the code and comments in a variety of ways mostly invisible to end-users.

Version 1.3.2 stable Build #6

  • Adds two new settings, to enable link previews per forum, and to enable them for first post, replies, or both (all posts).
  • Improves link preview compatibility with other plugins which call the parser (with thanks to Omar G. for identifying the compatibility issue).
  • Adds support for configuring extra cURL options.
  • Adds global $mybb and $post variables for use in (customised) preview templates.
  • Improves detection of Twitter status URLs in the Previewer.
  • Improves the language and output of the cURL functionality checker script.
  • Fixes a MyBBFancyBox compatibility issue.

Version 1.3.0 stable Build #5

  • Show each preview immediately after the paragraph in which it occurs, rather than showing all previews at the end of the post.
  • New setting: exclude previews for [url] tags enclosing [img] tags (for when the image is preview enough).
  • New styling: prevent title and summary text from wrapping.
Thank you to @vk_knight for your testing and feedback.

Version 1.2.0 stable Build #4

  • Support different themes by caching preview data, not the preview itself.
  • Bug fix: disabling previewers had no effect.
  • Bug fix: set preview to empty on unresolved previewer.
  • Bug fix: previewers weren't being auto-enabled on install/upgrade.
  • Bug fix: add the missing "Disable link previews" checkbox to new thread / reply pages.
  • Bug fix: only show the "Regenerate preview" links at the bottom of posts for links for which a preview is valid.
  • Bug fix: add a missing hook for post merges.
  • Bug fix: remove extraneous `';' from "new thread" output (thanks to srjrol for the bug report).
  • Improve handling on curl error.
  • Document the possibility of debugging via the supplied lkt-curl-functionality-checker.php script.

N.B. Your inc/plugins/linktools/link-helpers-dist and inc/plugins/linktools/link-helpers-3rd-party directories, if any, can safely be removed. They have been superseded, respectively, by the inc/plugins/linktools/link-previewers-dist and inc/plugins/linktools/link-previewers-3rd-party directories.

N.B.2. You should rebuild link previews by running the Recount & Rebuild task "Rebuild Link Previews for Link Tools" given that preview data rather than previews are now cached (see the first entry in the list above).

Version 1.1.0 dev Build #3

  • Adds link preview functionality

Version 1.0.1 stable Build #2

  • Fixes a bug in which sometimes URLs were shown twice in warnings.

Version 1.0.0 stable Build #1

The first build has no changes.