MyBB Forum Team Live Chat Plugin

by snlbaral 3 Stars 927 Downloads

Adds Chat Window to every page of MyBB Forum.

Change Log for MyBB Forum Team Live Chat Plugin

Version 2.0 stable Build #7

-> Issue of messages not getting sent resolved.
-> Templates are moved from Global Templates to Respective Theme Templates.
-> Unread Messages Count can be seen without opening chat window.

Version 1.5.1 stable Build #6

Code Improvements

Version 1.5 stable Build #5

Message Unsend & Chat History Clear Option Enabled

Version 1.1.2 dev Build #4

MyBB Friendly Code Added

Version 1.1.1 dev Build #3

MyBB possible vulnerabilities addressed.

Version 1.1 dev Build #2

MyBB depreciated methods replaced with new one.

Version 1.0 dev Build #1

The first build has no changes.