Spoiler MyCode

by Sephiroth 23 Stars 8,711 Downloads

Adds in a nestable [spoiler] to your MyBB forum.

Change Log for Spoiler MyCode

Build #4 dev

  • BETA Build
    • Oops, accidently reverted non-root directory fixes. ... Fixed.

Build #3 dev

  • BETA Build (1.8.2)
    • Hopefully fixed special characters (such as apostrophes) eliminating the spoiler's ability to open

Build #2 dev

  • BETA Build (1.8.1)
    • Modified Regex to support non-english languages in descriptions. (Thanks Oji)
    • Modified output of BBCode to support non-root-directory boards. (Thanks Eric J.)

Build #1 stable

The first build has no changes.