Default theme with more contrast, mobile friendly

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Default theme but more contrast, mobile friendly, spacing between posts; free of banners etc

Change Log for Default theme with more contrast, mobile friendly

Version 0.1.3 stable Build #8

Changes in V.0.1.3
- max-width set  for image attachments 
- drop shadow around boxes less pronounced

Version 0.1.2 stable Build #7

Footer Color Fixed

Version 0.1.1 stable Build #6

Changes in V.0.1.1
- Several small bugs with display fixed
- Display of Quick Reply table fixed
- User-CP on small devices:
  Subscribed Thread table: Replies & views merged into one column
  Forum Subscriptions table: Posts & threads merged into one column

Version 0.1.0 stable Build #5

- User-CP screens: Scroll-x set to "auto" on small displays
- Bugfix with forum display
- No display of description, subforums and moderators on small displays 

Version 0.0.9 stable Build #4

Bugfixes with category display
Variable introduced for base fontsize

Version 0.0.8 stable Build #3

Images in post body: Max height set to 600px.

Version 0.0.7 stable Build #2

Logo dimensions corrected. 

Version 0.0.6 stable Build #1

The first build has no changes.