Responsive Default MyBB

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The responsive version of MyBB's default theme with mobile friendly and with new look .

Change Log for Responsive Default MyBB

Version 1.2 dev Build #6

#1. Fixed the dark version of theme..

#2. Added a second version of the theme with new Forumbit looks..

#3. changed the default sceditor to a new one.

#4. fixed the header drop-down menu.

#5. Stats page is responsive now.

#6. Memberlist page has a new look now... you will love it.

#7. added stylish banner to calendar and memberlist page...

Version 1.1.3 dev Build #5

1. captcha turned to responsive

Version 1.1.2 dev Build #4

1. unwanted error in css in header logo section ,. ! fixed .
2. new font added .

Version 1.1.1 dev Build #3

  1. fixed toggle navigation's headerĀ 
  2. added new fonts

Version 1.1.0 dev Build #2

fixed modal in responsive.

Version 1.0 dev Build #1

The first build has no changes.