RT LiveSearch (Ajax Search)

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RT LiveSearch is a plugin which utilizes native MyBB search functionality and provides result via ajax. Very light and highly customizable plugin for your search queries.

Change Log for RT LiveSearch (Ajax Search)

Version 1.8 stable Build #8


  • Add support for CTRL + key when opening a modal search.

Version 1.7 stable Build #7

Added new file structure for RT plugins

Feel free to delete old folder inc/plugins/rt_livesearch

Version 1.6 stable Build #6


  • Fixed "Search history 'forums' tab" in search logs
  • Fixed ChartJS configuration
  • Replaced search option "forum" with "IP address" when searching logs
  • Optimized code to use fewer resources.
  • Code cleanup

Version 1.5 stable Build #5

New feature:
Search history in admin panel

Optimized file structure a bit

[Image: https://i.postimg.cc/Fs7jtH4b/ss8.png]

Version 1.4 stable Build #4

#New features:

  • Add 2 more chart types to the statistics
  • Add plugin setting to replace default mybb quick_search box with ajax.
  • Add instructions on how to add a custom ajax html form.

  • Update javascript to support custom form ajax.
  • ┬áSome code optimizations.

Version 1.3 dev Build #3

#New features:

  • Statistics overview of your search queries
  • Counting number of ajax and normal search queries

  • Many optimizations and bugfixes included.

Version 1.1 dev Build #2

Typecast fix
- Fixed typecast error which has thrown a fatal error.

Version 1.0 dev Build #1

The first build has no changes.