Users Browsed Topic

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This plugin show users who browsed thread.

Change Log for Users Browsed Topic

Build #6 stable

Version 1.3
* Fix comma/whitespace bug (fix #4)
* Add exclusion for invisible users
* Update author info

Build #5 stable

Fix no data show issue.

Build #4 stable

Version 1.2
* Linguistic changes by wldev1
* Add collect data mode (last or first visit)

Build #3 stable

Version 1.1.1
* fix SQL bug (no default select value)
* fix date info on hover (invalid variable name)

Build #2 stable

Version 1.1.0
* add option to display last visit time on mouse hover
* add option to sort list by username, UID, GID and visit date
* small changes in locale

Build #1 stable

The first build has no changes.