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Square is a minimalistic theme, renewed for MyBB 1.8 series. You can find a lot of details, animated forums, sidebars, news and more with jQuery technology, and of course, all squared. Tested in the latest Google Chrome, Opera and Mozilla Firefox versions

Change Log for Square

Version 14 stable Build #14


-Updated to MyBB 1.8.22.
-Fixed missing css classes for forum_offclose and subforum_minioffclose.
-Changed the fixed width of pagination2 class, now it has 100% width.

Version 13 stable Build #13


-Updated to MyBB 1.8.19.

Version 12 stable Build #12


-Updated to 1.8.14.
-Fixed the modal login.
-Added support for jQuery 1.8.13.
-Added missing (new) variables to some templates.

Build #11 stable

Updated to 1.8.10.

Build #10 stable


-Updated to 1.8.8.

Build #9 stable


-Removed the plugin with custom text.
-Now all the custom text is directly in the templates.
-To know where the custom text is, you have a .txt file with all the templates which contains custom text.
-Fixed the width of the multipage section not displaying it correctly in forumdisplay.

Build #8 stable


-Updated to 1.8.7.
-FontAwesome Icons updated to 4.5.
-Changed the load of FontAwesome, before was locally loaded, now it loads from the CDN of FontAwesome.
-Adjusted the forumbit_depth2_forum_lastpost_never template.

Build #7 stable

- Updated to MyBB 1.8.5.
- Removed the latest activity sidebar, the code runs all the querys from portal.php and that's not good. It's better if you use a plugin instead.

Build #6 stable

- Updated to MyBB 1.8.4.

Build #5 stable

- Updated to MyBB 1.8.1.

Build #4 stable

- Fixed the minimum width of all the containers to bring a correct display.
- Added a custom plugin to display custom text from custom variables, to give the user an easy way to translate if they want to.

Build #3 stable

- Removed the last post on forumdisplay and fixed that row.

Build #2 dev

- Fixed the display of last post on forumdisplay.

Build #1 dev

The first build has no changes.