Quick Advanced Editor Plus

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Advanced editor in quick reply, Quick Edit and quickquote feature

Change Log for Quick Advanced Editor Plus

Version 2.2.0 dev Build #17

Compatible with mybb 1.8.21 or above
Ps. This version (2.2.0) doesn't work with mybb 1.8.20 or below.

Build #16 dev

Bug Fixes:
- Unistall plugin issue fixed.

Build #15 dev

Add undo plugin from mybb 1.8.4

Build #14 dev

fix auto save issue with PM

Build #13 dev

Fix issue with canonical link

Build #12 dev

V 2.1.0

Build #11 dev

V 2.0 . Improve Auto Save (See all auto-saved in UCP)

Build #10 dev

Fix auto save issue

Build #9 dev

1.8.1 compatible

Build #8 dev

fix issue with height

Build #7 dev

PM support

Build #6 dev

source mode issue again

Build #5 dev

Solve template cache issue

Build #4 dev

fix issue with auto save

Build #3 dev

fix issue with source mode

Build #2 dev

Fix first post only function in line 679

Build #1 dev

The first build has no changes.