Edit History Log

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Allows you to log all edits made to posts.

Change Log for Edit History Log

Version 1.6 stable Build #7

- Added check to see if THIS_SCRIPT is defined
- Fixed PHP 8.0 errors
- Use require_once for template updates

Version 1.5 stable Build #6

- Added post key check to edit revert
- Bug: Fixed PHP 7.2 does not cast unquoted string literals to strings

Version 1.4 stable Build #5

- Added minimum time before Edit is logged
- Removed PHP closing tags
- Use THIS_SCRIPT for template caching
- Handle display of deleted users/threads in logs
- Format usernames
- Updated numeric settings

Version 1.3 stable Build #4

- Added number of logged edits per post
- Added display of edit count on posts
- Bug: Fixed XSS issue with thread titles in Admin CP
- Sanitized usernames

Version 1.2 stable Build #3

- Added setting for edit IP addresses viewing
- Added pruning task
- Added 24 hour lock to edit history pruning
- Updated breadcrumb to use thread subject instead of post subject
- Added (int) to editsperpage setting check
- Bug: Fixed Edit History link not showing up when quick editing
- Bug: Fixed bad words are not filtered in subjects, messages and reasons
- Indented templates and other file cleanup

Version 1.1 stable Build #2

- Added PostgreSQL and SQLite support
- Using generate_numeric_field function
- Moved hardcoded HTML to template
- Changed (int)$mybb->input to $mybb->get_input

Version 1.0 stable Build #1

The first build has no changes.