Thank You/Like System+MyAlerts & Tapatalk support

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Thank You/Like System for MyBB with MyAlerts and Tapatalk support

Change Log for Thank You/Like System+MyAlerts & Tapatalk support

Version 3.4.5 stable Build #40

[FIXED] PHP 8.x compatibility fixes - warnings on post preview
[FIXED] PHP 8.x compatibility fixes - saving usergroup permissions
[FIXED] Member profile page - thank you/like box - parse text correctly
[FIXED] {1} not being replaced in jGrowl popup messages
[FIXED] Correct $db->query() to $db->write_query() as necessary

[IMPROVED] Rationalise new setting/lang names; remove error log file
[IMPROVED] Add the tyl_tnumtyls column back in
[IMPROVED] Add a setting to toggle core template changes!!!

Thank you @lairdshaw (aka Laird) !!!

Complete changelog:
Release v3.4.5 · mybbgroup/Thank-you-like-system (

Version 3.4.4 stable Build #39

[FIXED] PHP 8.x compatibility
[FIXED] Member profile page - thank you/like box - parse text correctly

Thank you @SvePu !!!

Version 3.4.3 stable Build #38

[ENHANCEMENT] - Declare $post as a global variable in the memprofile hook-in function, for compatibility with other plugins

Version 3.4.2 stable Build #37

[FIX] - thankyoulike_member_link template is not cached

Version 3.4.1 stable Build #36

[FIX] - Remove creation of new indexes from auto-upgrade

Thank you @lairdshaw

Version 3.4.0 stable Build #35

[ENHANCEMENT] - Add a warning for MyAlerts < 2.0.4
[FIX] - Some alerts show the wrong count of new tyls
[FIX] - The creation of the new indexes might time out

Important note: If you have integrated the Thank You/Like System with MyAlerts, you should, after upgrade, run (Re)initialise last alerted thank/like for each post in the ACP under Tools & Maintenance => Recount & Rebuild.

Why? This fixes a bug applicable to our earlier enhancement of alerts. The enhancement was the inclusion of an indication of how many new thanks/likes there have been since the last alert viewed for that post. The bug is that for posts thanked or liked before that enhancement, alerts will (for the thanked/liked post's first alert after the enhancement) count all thanks/likes as new, even when an alert (prior to the enhancement) had already been viewed for prior thanks/likes.

Thank you @lairdshaw for your contribution!

Version 3.3.9 stable Build #34

[ENHANCEMENT] - add custom variables for time periods (stats box in a member profile page)
[ENHANCEMENT] - add unified black color for AJAX jGrowl notifications (you can chage it in plugin's .css file in your ACP)
[ENHANCEMENT] - $post['tyl_unumrtyls'] in postbit - backwards compatibility
[ENHANCEMENT] - reduce number of entries in lang files
[ENHANCEMENT] - MyAlerts integration - do not reuse old read alerts
[ENHANCEMENT] - MyAlerts integration - "new" indicator for alerts with multi likes/thanks
[ENHANCEMENT] - Move the hard-coded language string "This" into the language file
[[ENHANCEMENT] - Check for the non-existence of the recently-added indexes on the thankyoulike table before trying to add them on plugin auto-upgrade

[FIX] - remove underline from the counter in the member profile page
[FIX] - Add missing settings to the Javascript Peeker so that all other settings correctly disappear when the Enabled/Disabled plugin setting is set to Off
[FIX] - Bump the versioning of the thankyoulike.min.js file via the "ver" query parameter
[FIX] - Correct the test in thankyoulike.php and tylsearch.php for the plugin
being active and enabled

Version 3.3.8 stable Build #33

[FEATURE] - New statistics! Check Member profile page - display top thanks/like givers/receiver and given/received stats for time period :) - @lairdshaw
[FEATURE] - Extend displaying total thanks/likes for the first post of the thread in search.php - @Eldenroot / @lairdshaw 

[ENHANCEMENT] - Add a new option to display full/simple navigation in a member profile for top tyl post - @lairdshaw
[ENHANCEMENT] - Add hooks for simpler 3rd party extending of thank you like plugin (for example thank/like a post to show a post content) - @lairdshaw
[ENHANCEMENT] - MyAlerts integration improvements - display total thanks/likes since the last visit (aka Facebook design) - @lairdshaw
[ENHANCEMENT] - New unformatted variables for even easier template/theme customization - @lairdshaw

[FIX] - removed redundant code in plugin files - @lairdshaw
[FIX] - some templates were not cached - @lairdshaw
[FIX] - self thanks/likes check was not working properly (tyl_check_remove_self_likes_from_post_array()) - @lairdshaw
[FIX] - additions in showthread templates were not removed on deactivate - @lairdshaw

Version 3.3.7 stable Build #32

[FEATURE] - Add coloration of thx/like counter based on amount of received thx/like (postbit and member_profile), including simple settings with CSS support - by @lairdshaw
[FEATURE] - Display users' avatars instead of usernames in thx/like list - by @lairdshaw
[ENHANCEMENT] - Display date and time (User's profile - Top liked/thanked post) - by @lairdshaw
[ENHANCEMENT] - Display "Continue reading" for post content (User's profile - Top liked/thanked post) - by @lairdshaw
[ENHANCEMENT] - Improve displaying of thx/like counter, including support for coloration feature (User's profile - Top liked/thanked post) - by @lairdshaw
[ENHANCEMENT] - Do not display unwanted links in member profile page - if the user has no thx/likes -> no "Search" link is displayed - by @lairdshaw
[FIX] - Do not use hard-coded comma for $comma variable - by @lairdshaw
[FIX] - Eliminate duplicate code in thankyoulike.php - by @lairdshaw
[FIX] - Move the creation of the Master stylesheet from installation to activation - by @lairdshaw

Version 3.3.6 stable Build #31

[ENHANCEMENT] - Optimise updating process (now we use template version parameter like in MyBB core templates) - thx @lairdshaw

[ENHANCEMENT] - Add JS versioning to avoid troubles during updates of plugin

Version 3.3.5 stable Build #30

[FIX] - Collapsed/expanded state for thank you/like list in a postbit - thx @lairdshaw
[ENHANCEMENT] - Optimise queries for thank you/likes displaying in forumdisplay_threadlist - thx @lairdshaw

Version 3.3.4 stable Build #29

[FIX] - Find updated templates feature to follow all changes without uninstall between new releases - thx @lairdshaw

Version 3.3.3 stable Build #28

[FIX] - Reputation not added in some cases - #229 - thx @SvePu

Version 3.3.2 stable Build #27

  • [ENHANCEMENT] - Remember state of thx/like list - #217 - thx @effone

  • [FIX] - Button code wrapping - #219 - thx @effone

Version 3.3.1 stable Build #26

[FIX] - Button append issue #213

Version 3.3.0 stable Build #25

[NEW FEATURE] - Allow displaying total thanks/likes from the first post of the thread in forumdisplay_thread template
[ENHANCEMENT] - CSS styles adjustments for member_profile trophy post

Thank you @chack1172 for your help with debugging and optimising!

Version 3.2.0 stable Build #24

  • [FIX] - Allow adding thanks/likes to posts in forums where user cannot post a reply
  • [ENHANCEMENT] - Apply CSS class for popular post only for post content (it should fix the issue with deleted/selected posts)

Version 3.1.0 stable Build #23

*[FIX] - Sanitize post and thread names
*[FIX] - Trophy post - content wordwrap
*[FIX] - broken URL in ACP plugin setting - PHP date/time
*[FIX] - Collapse/expand buttons are not loaded

Thank you for your contribution @lairdshaw@SvePu and @0xB9

Version 3.0.0 stable Build #22

- [FIX] - thanks/likes are now merged correctly when merging users via the ACP - @lairdshaw
- [FIX] - a warning new to PHP 7.2 is now avoided (it was being triggered by an attempt to count a non-countable variable) - @lairdshaw
- [FIX] - existing MyAlerts alerts for thanks/likes are no longer lost (orphaned) when the plugin is deactivated. Instead, the thanks/likes alert type is simply disabled on plugin deactivation and re-enabled on plugin reactivation  - @lairdshaw
- [FIX] - thanks/likes are now counted correctly when the plugin's "Remove self-given thanks/likes from counters" setting is enabled  - @lairdshaw
- [FIX] - excluded forums are now properly excluded when recounting thanks/likes (and warnings are now given to run recounts after modifying the "Excluded forums" setting)  - @lairdshaw
- [FIX] - the broken setting "Special option to display thank/like buttons in ALL posts" now works (and has been renamed to "'First post only' forums override")  - @lairdshaw
- [ENHANCEMENT] - the upgrade procedure has been improved: reconfiguring from scratch after upgrading to a newer version of the plugin is no longer required - simply deactivate, copy new files, and reactivate: your settings will now be kept, including your changes to templates!  - @lairdshaw 
- [ENHANCEMENT] - a lot of language corrections have been made  - @lairdshaw 
- [ENHANCEMENT] - clean-ups, deduplications, and a lot of other small adjustments to the code have been made  - @lairdshaw 
- [NEW FEATURE] - the remaining number of permitted thanks/likes for the following 24 hours is now shown in the popup notification displayed when adding a thanks/like (most useful when usergroup-based thanks/likes limits are enabled)  - @lairdshaw 
- [NEW FEATURE] - an anti-flood interval has been added: enforce a waiting time between adding/removing thanks/likes to prevent spamming (available when usergroup-based thanks/likes limits are enabled)  - @lairdshaw 
- [NEW FEATURE] - a new setting "Forums excluded from counts" has been added  - @lairdshaw

Thank you @lairdshaw (Laird) for your contribution and time! 

Please READ the changelog and instructions on how to update carefully!

Version 2.3.0 stable Build #21

[NEW FEATURE] - add an ability (with rich settings in ACP) to display the most thanked/liked post in a member profile page for every user - @SvePu

Thank you @SvePu!

Version 2.2.0 stable Build #20

* [NEW FEATURE] - add an ability to add reputation points (MyBB reputation system) - @SvePu
* [FIX] - fix some language typos in ACP

Thank you @SvePu for your contribution!

Version 2.1.0 stable Build #19

  • [FIX] - replace function mydate to date - compatible with changes implemented in MyBB v1.8.11 and above (thx @SvePu!)

Version 2.0.2 stable Build #18

  • [NEW FEATURE] - add an ability to highlight any post which get XXX thanks/likes (custom CSS class is supported; custom settings added)

  • [FIX] - language typos and corrections

Thank you @SvePu !

Version 2.0.1 stable Build #17

Changelog for release v2.0.1:

  • [FIX] - missing language string in Tapatalk app (user's statistics page)
  • [FIX] - not working peeker in ACP plugin settings
  • [ENHANCEMENT] - add language variables for postbit buttons - title tag

Thank you @SvePu!

Build #16 dev

  • Fixes post preview error

Build #15 stable

Changelog for v2.0.0:
[FIX] - update MyBB and GitHub URL links (http:// -> https://)
[FIX] - lot of typos in language files
[FIX] - jGowl popup notifications use default MyBB theme CSS
[FIX] - duplications of posts/threads in thanks/likes search
[FIX] - extra space in member profile statistics + fix lang variables
[FIX] - wrong path for ACP lang file
[FIX] - remove promotion task on uninstall
[ENHANCEMENT] - add missing lang variables for ACP settings
[ENHANCEMENT] - rebuild (recount) is located in the MyBB default ACP page
[ENHANCEMENT] - rename CSS and templates to follow MyBB standards
[ENHANCEMENT] - clean up code and remove unnecessary files
[ENHANCEMENT] - links executing JS functions return false and point to javascript.void(0) instead of hashtags
[NEW FEATURE] - add ability to thank/like own posts + settings to remove own thanks/likes from search list
[NEW FEATURE] - maximum thanks/likes in a time period - configurable for every usergroup + popup notification with remaining thanks/like and alerts
[NEW FEATURE] - MyBB usergroup promotion system - new parameter for thanks/likes given
Thank you very much @SvePu for your contribution! Great work!

More details on our GitHub.

Build #14 stable

v1.9.11 changelog:
- FIX: lang typos
- FIX: Search query on posts typo (thx @WhiteNeo )

New language files are available!

Build #13 stable

- NEW FEATURE: Promotion requirement - now you can also set group promotion based on user´s thanks/like count (thx @SvePu for his hard work and the feature implementation and also @Sama34 for his original script and hint!)
- IMPROVED: New simplified uninstall method in a case when you want to delete also all data from your DB (thx @SvePu )

Build #12 stable

NEW FEATURE: Recounting thanks/like modul - auto redirection (@SvePu)
NEW FEATURE: Settings for enable/disable ajax alerts in the right top corner (@SvePu)
IMPROVEMENT: Facebook thumb up/down icons were replaced by MyBB styled icons (@Eldenroot)
FIX: Security fix in ACP Recounting tab (@SvePu)
FIX: Search - date/time are now correctly shown (@SvePu)
FIX: Search - ordering by date/time now works correctly (@SvePu)
IMPORTANT: Only English lang is now included. For other languages please visit our GitHub :)

Build #11 stable

NEW FEATURE: New option to show/hide thanks/like list under the post only for specific usergroups (thx @SvePu )
IMPROVEMENT: All plugin templates are now added for every theme separately -> easier modification and a possibility to use different looks of Thankyou/like plugin for every theme (thx @SvePu)
IMPROVEMENT: Install/uninstall procedure - adding and reverting templates (thx @SvePu)
FIX: JS is now added/deleted automaticaly from showthread template (thx @SvePu)
IMPROVEMENT: Minified version of JS is loaded by default. Non-minified version of this file is available for easier customization in the plugin folder. It should save some kB on very page load :) (thx @SvePu)

Build #10 stable

* FIX: follow MyAlerts changes in lang file for notifications
* FIX: typos in lang file
* FIX: polishing admin part in the plugin description /icons, colors for notifications/
* FIX: Multiple notifications for one topic - MyAlert integration (thx @WhiteNeo )
* NEW FEATURE: TYL System integration with MyAlerts without install or deactivate (thx @WhiteNeo ) including full lang support
* NEW FEATURE: Option to disable formatting and link to an author´s username under the post in the postbit (thx @WhiteNeo )
* FIX: Tylsearch - no folder icons for threads (thx @WhiteNeo )

Build #9 stable

FIXED: parsed message error with special chars for alerts

Build #8 stable

FIXED: MyAlerts interation - date and time in popup window
FIXED: Unify names for icons - /images/thanksyoulike/ - two png files were renamed

Build #7 stable

FIXED: MyAlerts v2.0 integration - alerts are registered and shown correctly now!
FIXED: Issue with poor performace in some circumstances (long loading time)
FIXED: Small template changes
NEW FEATURE: Converters for easy transfer from others Thanks/like system without data loss!*

*Note: just run

Build #6 stable

- popup notifications in the right top corner - adding/removing like/thanks
- improvements for MyAlerts notifications
- fixed some typos in code + code optimization
- fixed a lot of typos in ENG lang files
- new languages; more will come soon! If you are interested to help us, contact us and share your translations!
- add uninstall file + instructions

Build #5 stable

- add full support for MyAlerts v2.0 - thx to @WhiteNeo (Dark Neo)
- make post author´s name clickable in the list of users who thanked/like this post - thx to @WhiteNeo (Dark Neo)
- small CSS + templates changes
- code cleaning + small optimizations

Build #4 stable

- add support in search function for IPv6 users - thx @EvenPrime for bug report and fix!
- fix broken links in a plugin description
- fix possible security issue in a lang file (for HTML links) - thx @DarkNeo for idea!

Build #3 stable

- add support to set like/thank you only for specific forums :) @SvePu

Build #2 stable

- add a codename
- easier customization for text in thank you/like buttons
- cosmetic changes

Build #1 dev

The first build has no changes.