Miuna Shoutbox

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First Websocket shoutbox for Mybb

Change Log for Miuna Shoutbox

Build #33 dev

- Several Bugs Fixes.
- Several Security Patch.

Build #32 dev

Bug Fix:
- Fix mention bug.
- Fix issue with disabled auto load image.

New feature:
- Added group that can edit/delete own shout
- Setting yes or no to open archive in new page.
- Small improvement in anti flood system (now last submit message date is saved in database)

Build #31 dev

New Feature:

- Added Bad Word Filters feature

Build #30 dev

Bug fix:

-Fix small bug: Fix issue that need wait flood time in first message.

Build #29 dev

Improvement Release:

Improved flood time feature.
Added expiration time to token.

Build #28 dev

New features:

- Edited user
- Link support to notice
- Add user level setting to auto load image

Build #27 dev

- Fix issue that Log (archive) not open in Mobile Phone.

Build #26 dev

- Fix auto reconnect issue. (Shoutbox not auto reconnect after lost connection).
- Fix other small bugs.
- Code improvement.

Build #25 dev

Added ignore user feature.

Build #24 dev

Improve sound feature

Build #23 dev

Added fsocket option

Build #22 dev

Fix small bug in guest js.

Build #21 dev

Not required more curl PHP to this work. Fixed bug with new post and new thread shout.

Build #20 dev

Fix issue with imgur upload.

Build #19 dev

Return style of font feature.

Build #18 dev

Replaced SCEditor with Yui Editor. Added autocomplete mention feature.

Build #17 dev

Fix issue that need logoff and connect to update avatar, nick etc... information. Now not need more.

Build #16 dev

Fix issue that mention with quote not work.

Build #15 dev

Not need more register

Build #14 dev

Add logoff button

Build #13 dev

Fix small issue with buttons not appear in custom theme

Build #12 dev

Read mode to guest and shout button

Build #11 dev

Improve security and new feature

Build #10 dev

Fix vulnerability, bugs and add new feature.

Build #9 dev

Add option to show shoutbox in portal

Build #8 dev

Add desactive style select option in ACP

Build #7 dev

Add desactive style select option in ACP

Build #6 dev

Fix issue when saving settings

Build #5 dev

Improve shout generation

Build #4 dev

fix issue when edit message

Build #3 dev

Fix two issue related with emoticons.

Build #2 dev

Fix issue with redirection after post new message in forum

Build #1 dev

The first build has no changes.