Staff Hierarchy Permissions

by Ircher 5 Stars 1,051 Downloads

Set-up a hierarchy of permissions so mods dont warn/ban admins for instance

Change Log for Staff Hierarchy Permissions

Version 2.5 stable Build #12

- Fixes several exploits/workarounds that existed in previous versions of the plugin.

Build #11 stable

- Some minor changes fixing other loopholes (as much as possible)

Build #10 stable

- Fixed loophole in admincp where anyone who could manage the warning logs could revoke warnings without the check
- Added some control over who can unlock threads and reply to locked threads. Both are optional
- New settings were added; please reinstall

Build #9 stable

- Some logging in modcp
- Please read upgrade.txt
- Now can handle groups with equal power (up to 99 groups equal to each other per hierarchy level)

Build #8 stable

- Version jump represents the fact I reformatted the code for consistency.
- Settings & Info now use language file
- Using admin redirects now in admincp
- Quick Edit should work properly (REPORT BUGS HERE -- HAVEN'T BEEN ABLE TO TEST) - Hierarchy Restrictions should apply
- Super Admins should now override hierarchy restrictions; tell me if this ain't the case (should've included this in the original release)
- The admincp no longer lets you edit yourself or anyone of equal or higher power (to prevent unfairly giving one extra power)

Build #7 dev

- Development Build
- False Negative - This build is stable.
- Will release actual changes in next build when I fix quickedit bug.

Build #6 stable

Version 1.4
- Added restrictions to editing/deleting posts
- Added restrictions to deletion of threads
+ Local moderator permissions will override.

Build #5 stable

Minor Fixes -- Updating information and supplementary files. Downloading this build is not required if you already have version 1.3.

Build #4 stable

Version 1.3
- Name Change
- Restrictions applied to revoking warnings
- Added language files
- Different messages depending on action
- Added rebuild_settings() to _uninstall()

Build #3 stable

Version 1.2b
Accidently put the plugin Upload/inc; fixed.

Version 1.2
Restrictions applied to banning too.

Version 1.0
Initial Release

Build #2 stable

Version 1.2
Added restrictions to banning too.

Build #1 stable

The first build has no changes.