Ratio System

by AmazOuz 5 Stars 786 Downloads

This allow you to set a ratio system to your forums, good solution to prevent leech/flood.

Change Log for Ratio System

Build #10 dev

Performed queries using

Build #9 stable

Fixed a small bug on function '}'

Build #8 dev

Deleted users causes some problems. FIXED

Build #7 dev

Fixed another compability problem

Build #6 dev

Added compability MySQL/PostgreSQL compability.
Fixed profile uid problem

Build #5 dev

Fixed some bugs reported by MyBB Staff (Omar G.)

Build #4 dev

Fixed some problems
Installed on my own forum. System works very well

Build #3 dev

Text improved
Now, all members have their ratio made after the installation of the plugin.

Build #2 dev

Fixed language text problem

Build #1 dev

The first build has no changes.