Note moderator

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Allow moderator to add simple note to each post.

Change Log for Note moderator

Version 2.1 dev Build #33

1821 comp

Version 2.0 dev Build #32

comp update

Build #31 dev

quick edit fix
template change to note text area now is longer

Build #30 dev

Version 2.0

  • Delete note from DB when delete thread.
  • Show note after quick edit.
  • Note message in PM
  • Small fix code and lang file
  • Templates fix, move all css to class, buttons edit deletemove to lang file.
  • When forum have disable text editor note don't have too.
  • Moderate button don't show to everyone after quick replay.
  • Optimization DB table, thanks @lukasamd

Update - reinstall, don't have drop data from DB

Build #29 dev

add note to quick edit
delete note on delete thread

Build #28 dev

Version 1.9

  • add trim blank chearset func to not enter blank note.
  • add info when we try update note empty text
  • plugin now work 100 % when ¬†XMLHttp off on forum.
  • delete note when mod delete post.
  • merge note on merge posts.
  • button moderation when we can add note no is on quickreply.
  • templates fix.

Build #27 dev

little update to no xmlhttp option

Build #26 dev

xmlhttp option option

Build #25 dev

fix problem note author

Build #24 dev

1807 comp

Build #23 dev

jQuery code little rewrite and few another fix

Build #22 dev

small code fix

Build #21 dev

small code fix

Build #20 dev

small lang and DB inserts fix

Build #19 dev

my alerts and small code fix

Build #18 dev

myalerts fix

Build #17 dev

fix for multi lang :)

Build #16 dev

Version 1.6
fix animation for quick delete note
add note to Preview Post
small code fix

Build #15 dev

added animation when we remove note
change option t defined uid of author PM, now plugin user select2 autocomplete username

Build #14 dev

added bbcode editor
added option to set pm sender

Build #13 dev

query/conflict other plugins fix

Build #12 dev

added 1806 comp

Build #11 dev

fix move posts problem

Build #10 dev

lang fix

Build #9 dev

add MyAlerts integration
change note disporder in post view

Build #8 dev

ajax delete
send pm after add note checkbox
send pm after update note checkbox

Build #7 dev

a few fix in code
better work for moderator when he menage attachments in post, qhen is post inline error - plugin remember last note and note type

Build #6 dev

a few fix in code and templates
added moderator log

Build #5 dev

added if table exist in uninstall func
added title to buttons E X

Build #4 dev

templates fix

Build #3 dev

add check is moderqator

Build #2 dev

little fix in update note query

Build #1 dev

The first build has no changes.