DVZ Shoutbox with Private Messages

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This is a modified version of the original version, released by DevilShakerz. This version contains private messaging abilities and more...

Change Log for DVZ Shoutbox with Private Messages

Version 0.9.1s dev Build #4

New features:

  • Adjustable shoutbox height
  • Saving shoutbox height using cookies
If you want to use the shoutbox without adjustable height:
Go into ACP->Templates & Style -> Templates -> Global Templates -> dvz_shoutbox

And change the whole window div to this:
<div class="window" style="height:{$mybb->settings['dvz_sb_height']px">

Known bugs:
  • When using custom theme, shoutbox expands to full height after first launch.
Coming in next version:
  • Standalone desktop notifications when someone sends you a private message
  • Toggle desktop notifications from the shoutbox itself

Version 0.9s dev Build #3

Version 0.9 alpha:

  • Updated to the newest DVZ_Shoutbox version.
  • Implemented private messaging using /pvt USERID.
  • Implemented dutch and english language files and minified them.
  • Cleaned up some old lines of code
Known bugs:
  • Clicking on a users username will not do anything, this is due to a javascript bug and will be fixed in the next version. (When you press on someones username, it should replace the text->input to /pvt USERID)

Build #2 stable

Version 1.1 (NOW STABLE):

- Issue fixed with installation of the plugin (missing tables), renaming tables is no longer needed, so you can ignore the installation!
- Fixed double loading shouts issue.
- Fixed some thead issues (style is now .newhead in the dvz_shoutbox template).
- Fixed to wide avatar issue on some themes (now responsive).
- Changed E and X to EDIT and DEL.
- Changed report icon to plain text due to the lack of font awesome icons on some themes.
- Added some missing language variables (some texts were still Dutch).
- Automatic CSS input, so you do not have to put it in global.css anymore!

More to come in the next version.

Build #1 stable

The first build has no changes.