Thankyou MyBB System

by Whiteneo 30 Stars 11,556 Downloads

Add a fully thankyou system to MyBB. Add thanks button to postbit and a counter and more things, hide until thanks improvement working with AJAX

Change Log for Thankyou MyBB System

Version 2.6.4 stable Build #25

Update to work with mybb 1.8.22 version.

This is the new file to work fine with the new major series of mybb.

Multiple changes were made to use the editor button and js routines for ajax due the new changes into the last series of mybb that updates jQuery and sceditor to their last revisions.

So this version must works fine into the last revisions.

Version 2.6.3 stable Build #24

Fix a typo error.

Version 2.6.2 dev Build #23

Fixed sql error due maria 10 db issues.

Version 2.6.2 stable Build #22

Fixed newpoints bridge due new improvements and changes into new 2.1.1 newpoints version.

Fixed some posible errors within templates and settings duplicated.

Version 2.6.1 dev Build #21

Fixed duplicated entries into templates and settings.

Version 2.6.0 dev Build #20

Added avatar on thanks list to show or hide, even some typo error was fixed in this version.

This version have fixed the past error inside pagination of search thanks due my post code was needed now.

Added the NewPoints page codes within installation.

Changed the way to uninstall to backup the data. (If you Uninstall it then install it again this should remain all thanks records). Then run into maintenance and Thanks Recount task.

That was all for now, i am working into next versions so be patience and enjoy this plugin.

The full premium version is the most stable and with more features but this one is based on it, so it have to work fine either :)

Version 2.5.10 stable Build #19

Fixed duplicated templates on deactivate and activate plugin.

If you have some other version deactivate and activate again to clean up missing things.

Change protected mode to show only when needed.

Version 2.5.9 stable Build #18

Adding new improvements and fixed some newpoints bridge errors.

Review in a new environment with latest versions of apache, sql, php and mybb 1.8.17.

Version 2.5.8 stable Build #17

- Upgrading for php 7.2 and mybb 1.8.14.

It have to work on lesser versions too.

Version 2.5.7 stable Build #16

Fixed a warning php.

Version 2.5.6 dev Build #15

Code improvements and fixing bugs for all plugin...

Code cleaning and more !!!

This is the most stable versions and working on many live boards.

Fixed many errors due hostings thanks to some users on my forums who provided me access to their hosts to fix all troubles with white screens, missing settings, and many other things all was solved, mode strict implementations are allowed this time.

Build #14 stable

Adding new options and more to make more usefull and powerfull version of thanks system for mybb.

Build #13 dev

Fix some typo errors and code errors. Some lesser bugs are fixed in this version.

Build #12 dev

Fixing compatibillity with MyBB 1.8.6 series.
Adding some improves to make more flexible, and working version.

Build #11 stable

Some few details with alerts integration fixed for 1.8.6 series of MyBB

Build #10 dev

Update to working with MyAlerts 2.0.2 or better.
Adding antiflood system.
Adding modal or list shown on postbit (post received by every post)
Adding posibillity to integrate with MyAlerts if MyAlerts is installed after thanks system.
Adding many more options and functionabillity to the plugin.
Make some code changes and working with Uninstall, deactivate, install and activate proccesses to make more functional and easy to customize it or work with.

At the moment woul be on dev version until all was tested due some changes on latest release, i am working on 2.5.5 version right now so i add some changes in this release, and now you can get it from here or my site.

Build #9 stable

Added for new MyAlerts 2.0.1 version, and new code changes...

This is the latest revision i made and works fine.

Build #8 stable

Important : Fixed some missing value to admincp tabs and adding 2 prevent on admincp to save changes in values by posible sql injection.

Thaanks to Devilshakers for the review. I review aagain all file but i set to development until i review it again all plugin and see if all is fine, but i have to resend to all users who downloaded last file.

Build #7 stable

Fixed some few things with parse message when thanks.

Added some improvements to show error messages with jGrowl feature by MyBB

Adding modal boxed to thanks list to make more small charge on demand xD.

Fixed and tested on live forums with a very good functionabillity.

Build #6 stable

1.- Added Modal Boxes compatibillyty for list of thanks ammount on every post.
2.- Optimization of code to do more flexible and usefull plugin.
3.- Added multilang values to all data used by the plugin.
4.- Fixed all encountered bugs and do more easy to use.
5.- Added cache to bring more easy to use it !!!
6.- At the moment working with MyAlerts 2.0 so if you wish to use the use it, if won't only use as you wish.

NOTE: All visual aspect was changed but the purpose is the same, maybe i update some images in this days when i have all entire parts of plugin screenshoted :D

Build #5 dev

1.- Fixed all templates for 1.8.x series and all plugins cores to work with.
2.- Added myalerts 2.0 compatibyllity
3.- Added options to set unlimited thanks or use limit per day as you wish.
4.- Added codebutton on sceditor only.
5.- Fixed all bugs and added more lang vars to make more customized plugin on all areas posibles.
6.- Added a protection to not delete on uninstall and install again, if you have some other plugin like Thanks or another can be use this without problems. but if you have some other only upload all files and unistall and install again to make all works fine.

That's all Enjoy it...

Maybe can be changed for MyAlerts or any things i found so i set to develop but you can use on your forums without any kind of known trouble.

Build #4 stable

Adding more improvements and delete MyAlerts waiting 2.0 code was implemented and commented, so only wait to release that and this is the most stable and tested version, i recomend to use this and or update, delete preview version.

DON'T UNINSTALL, only deactivate old plugin, the upload new files via FTP and finally enable again and that's all, have to work...

Build #3 dev

Fixed lang string with = missing in line 14 causes white screen.,

Build #2 dev

Fixed bad error submision on preview file, you can use this on both versions, the thx.php file on root forum dir.

Added two vars on postbit to make post count on thanks given and received to can set your own preferences on this two, many people ask me for this so i release it.

New way to show on postbit_classic and postbit original to display list on thanks by post.

Changed some lesser values on script and add more opts on lang vars.

Set reputation to all usergroups to can set a value (if enabled thanks + rep), you can set a value for every group.

Fixed bugs finded and reported by users.

That´s all...

I release it right now as developer version because i want to add MyAlerts 2.0 compat and i have to test, so i can wait but i prefer to release it, because Euan T sends me a guide to make alerts and i think is more easy to do it, so when ready i release it as stable, and if i found or someone more bugs or any can told me and i will consider to add or remove options, thanks...

Build #1 stable

The first build has no changes.