Focus - Premium MyBB Theme

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Focus is a clean and Elegant Flat MyBB theme which can be used by all sort of community users, one of the cool features of this theme is shrinking header on scroll. Focus MyBB Theme has been tested thoroughly on all browsers.

Change Log for Focus - Premium MyBB Theme

Version 13 stable Build #13

Focus Updated to MyBB 1.8.23

Refer the changelog for list of template changes

Version 12 stable Build #12

Focus Build 12
- Comptibility with MyBB 1.8.22
Huge number of template changes

Upgrade recommendation -
Use the new v12 Focus theme and make changes to the templates

Version 11 stable Build #11

- Fixed issue (

Version 10 stable Build #10

Theme Updated for MyBB 1.8.15
- Not much changes from 1.8.14 except compatibility changes

Version 9 stable Build #9

Theme Updated for MyBB 1.8.14
- Added Sidebar image for advertisement as an example

Version 8 stable Build #8

Focus Free Theme Updates for MyBB 1.8.13, Download from your account

Fix log :-

JS fixes
Member template Js version updated to 1813
Rating jquery version updated to 1808
headerinclude updated
forumdisplay_thread updated

Newreply js updated to 1813
Newthread js updated to 1813
postbit,postbit_classic templates updated
Showthread_rating javascript updated
search_results_threads_thread and search_results_posts_post onclick inline javascript updated

Added rel="noopener" in footer
All other updated templates for MyBB 1.8.13

Thanks for reading, in case of any issues let me know here


Version 7 stable Build #7

1. Fix issues related to javascript in headerinclude general.js
2. Updated font awesome library to 4.7.0
3. Footer information related to theme version is updated.
4. Added general documentation for Focus MyBB Theme

Version #6 stable Build #6

- Theme Updated for MyBB 1.8.12
- Added var secure cookie flag in headerinclude
- Fixed an issue with attachments

Build #5 stable

Stable Updates Build #5
- Updated and tested on version 1.8.8
- Fixes related to AJAX notifications
- Addition of demo announcement on forum [Feature]
- Additional Option to use Image based logo
- Modification of forum stats text from sidebar
- Addition of favicon by default [Feature]
- Document Update

In case of any issues report to

Build #4 dev

Major Updates Build #4
- Complete upgrade of theme to latest MyBB
- Addition of quick search
- Menu Modified with hover effect
- Extra footer box added with quick links
- Theme Selector added
- Sidebar modified with support for recent posts
- Board Stats moved to bottom on demand of users
- Bug fix related to modal login breaking on some browsers
- Bug fix related to Google SEO not showing Sub-forum titles properly

In case of any issues report to