Last poster avatar

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Display user formated name and avatar on your forums with a customized popup and style.

Change Log for Last poster avatar

Version 3.0.5 stable Build #34

Code Optimizations and some changes to work with php 7.4 and mybb 1.8.31 (It have to work in all mybb 1.8.x versions by the way.

Version 3.0.4 stable Build #33

- Fix this related error
- Code tested into mybb 1.8.24 and php 7.4

Version 3.0.3 stable Build #32

- Fixed of two small bugs when avatar is not displayed for guests and a lang error, reported in here.

I have taken more time due i was waiting to found some other issues related but this time i will release this to get more tracks and users can get the last working version into his forums.

Version 3.0.2 stable Build #31

Adds avatars in some new parts requested by @Ashley.

After some tests and some new cleanup code i will release this new stable version compatible with mybb 1.8.21

Now you can set cuetomized avatars inside all forum parts where are present to set your own preferences into that areas in a different design way to show.

This will replace default avatars within the letters of usernames as the previeos versions of the 2.9.x series, but it was optimized to use within the new libraries updated into mybb 1.8.21.

Version 3.0.1 stable Build #30

Updated to work with new mybb 1.8.20 version.

Version 3.0.1 dev Build #29

Adding default avatar mybb method instead to load default image from image dir directly to use own avatars of theme if exists.

I will work more on this but it is an advace of it, i will set it as development version by the way until it is over and tested...

Version 3.0 stable Build #28

New version 3.0 fix some lang typo erros only.

Tested into new 1.8.18 version success.

To update from 2.9.10 only upload new files.

If you have lesser versions you have to deactivate plugin, upload the new files and then activate the plugin.

If you have double instances of avatars should be due style have avatars vars, so only deactivate and activate again, that will clleanup your style.

Customize your settings at your own and done !!!

Version 2.9.10 stable Build #27

Update to new 2.9.10 version.

Tested with the latest sql, apache and php versions and MyBB 1.8.17

Build #26 stable

Fixed some errors due php 7 and MariaDB 10

Build #25 stable

- Changing method for php 7.2.

Version 2.9.8 stable Build #24

- Fix some lesser bugs and add some new improvements.
- Added compatibillity with mybb 1.8.14 and php 7.2.0 due past review has some php warns inside admincp.

Only update if you update your php version, otherwise you can use old version.

Version 2.9.7 stable Build #23

Change version on plugin and update with new update instructions for plugin usage.

Version 2.9.7 dev Build #22

Fix formatted names on private messages and add avatars when image are not present by js error on img tags.

Clean up some things and make compatible with strict mode into servers.

Version 2.9.6 dev Build #21

Add usercp avatars and some new improvements, updating like github package stable version.
Update version, url and user website.

Version 2.9.5 stable Build #20

Add a new improvement to load a new function on usernames for links to use plugin modals instead an url.

Loads and improves a betterization of ussage and optimization, custom style and more...

You have to disable old version, upload new files, and activate.

Version 2.9.3 stable Build #19

Add modals improvement glitch for any other plugin or core mod.

Adding nice style and all css customization to improve more customizations, like past versions, but is styled by default to set it up like images.

Code cleaning.

Version 2.9.1 stable Build #18

Fix some in_array error reported by users.

And fix some other posible parts with new 1.8.9 and 1.8.10 versions to work and some missing data on deactivate and activate functions.

Build #17 stable

Fixing some typo error but nothig to worrie about it...

This versions works on 1.8.9 and lesser versions tested on my site so it have to works fine.

Build #16 stable

Adding many code improvements to make more usefull and powerfull mod to use with MyBB 1.8.x series.

This is the most stable version of this plugin...

Build #15 stable

Update to MyBB 1.8.8 and a new way to use vars to customize more easily for all themes on mybb....

I share a sample guide on github to work with default mybb theme.

Build #14 dev

Fixing some vars for new core additions on MyBB 1.8.8

Only on some parts, you have to deactivate any previous version before upload new files.

Then you have to upload and activate new plugin.

Finaly customize it and that is all !!!

There are no changes, only new additions for some reasons, see this post for detailed info.

Build #13 dev

Fix some bugs and add some new code vars.

Build #12 dev

Adding new modal type to load on hover with some few changes...
Adding cache update on certain needed tasks...
All is working on fine...

If you got old version deactivate, then upload new files and activate new version to work with all new improvements.

There are some missing data on some parts in lesser versions, in this version all have to wor so fine.

Build #11 stable

Fixed all encountered bugs and errors.

Now tested on 1.8.7 version of MyBB and all previouly 1.8.x series working fine.

On this version you have to deactivate and activate plugin to add new features...

- Due many requests modal is working with and without Google SEO as all plugin.
- Add avatar on portal, you have to customize it at your own wish.
- Add avatar on private messages.

All plugin have html customized usergroups styles, so you can use only this plugin as allways.

Build #10 dev

Tested on live boards and fix some bugs due urls without Google SEO and within.

Newes and major version works now better and get vars to all criteria, loading some vars for seo optimizations and customizations.

No changes only fix of common bugs on users live boards. After a few tests and more thee you have the most stable and working version for 1.8.x series.

If you have some lesser version is recomended to up to date.

Thanks at all...

Build #9 dev

Fixed some few bugs on modal box and announcements.

All have to work fine only upload new files and done, no need to deactivate if you have 2.8.x versions.

Build #8 stable

Added some missing data to load.

And ready to rumble !!!!

Added css to all vars to make more customizable....

Build #7 stable

Fixed avatar for guests and more options, fixed bug on forum children and more.

Now you can use as you wish their own vars of plugin.

Adding pms and usergroups for staff to set html style on all parts too...

Build #6 stable

Fixing some style details and avaatrs for guests if enabled post to guest users.

Tested and working fine on MyBB 1.8.6 series.

Build #5 stable

Fixed error on templates in 1.8.5 MyBB version. Works on all and use modal boxes now to load menu popup on avatar loading data.

Build #4 stable

Fixed change templates to 1.8.x, after i upgraded since 1.6.x series and there are a lot of errors, thanks to Tbo29 for this issue.

Build #3 dev

Only works with 1.8 versions.
Fixed subforums list compatibyllity and categorized forums to doisplay avatars.
Enabled or disables on search pages, by adminCP config opts.
Set width and height to your popup (by admincp)
Fixed all stylesheet and improvements to can edit by every theme, with the stylesheet avatarep.css
Set all template changes on plugin, so you have to do not edit nothing else, only activate and deactivate when needed.

Build #2 stable

Fixed popup when you don't use Google SEO, if you not enable or enable friendly urls you have the same problem, but now thanks to the first report and my own extense verificaction i found the common error and it was fixed.

Fixed too compatibillity version, i have 1.7 and 1.6 MyBB versions, i change it to 1.6 and 1.8.

Only this two has taken but the most important is the popup for users.

Build #1 stable

The first build has no changes.