MyIPB Theme

by eNvy 15 Stars 7,624 Downloads

MyIPB is a clean and elegant theme, covering the awesome style of IPB 4.x.

Change Log for MyIPB Theme

Version 11 stable Build #11


-Changed the load of the custom font with the new HTPPS protocol and URLs from Google.

Version 10 stable Build #10


-Updated to MyBB 1.8.29.
-Updated a lot of templates and code.
-Fixed the multiquote button not displaying correctly.

Version 9 stable Build #9


-Updated to MyBB 1.8.22.
-Updated a lot of templates and code.
-Finally fixed the forumdisplay_thread and forumdisplay_threadlist width, preventing it to render awfully and making it completely aligned.

Version 8 stable Build #8

-Fixed the broken avatar icon using javascript.

Version 7 stable Build #7

-Updated the index.lang file to MyBB 1.8.19 version.
-Added an alert to INSTALLATION.txt about replacing the index.lang file.

Version 6 stable Build #6

Updated to MyBB 1.8.19.

Version 5 stable Build #5


-Updated to 1.8.14.
-Fixed the modal login.
-Added support for jQuery 1.8.13.
-Added missing (new) variables to some templates.
-Updated a lot of old templates with the new architecture and variables from MyBB.

Build #4 stable

Updated to 1.8.10.

Build #3 stable


-Updated to MyBB 1.8.8.

Build #2 dev

Version 1.1

- Fix: Thread closed button not styled.
- Fix: Normal postbit style not replaced.
- forumbit_depth2_forum_lastpost missing from the custom text list.
- forumdisplay_announcements_announcement missing from the custom text list.
- showthread missing from the custom text list.
- postbit_warninglevel missing from the custom text list.

Build #1 dev

The first build has no changes.