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Forget MyCode-- take control of YourCode a much better way of handling BB Code for MyBB forums.

Change Log for YourCode

Version 2.1.3 stable Build #8


  • upgraded installer
  • a bug where when using view permissions on YourCode with the callback property, there was a PHP error and functionality was broken (reported by Mattaffix)
  • some incompatibilities with PostgreSQL
  • an issue where improper server permission might prevent installation of default images

Version 2.1.1 stable Build #7


  • added codename
  • a bug where the backup tool would not work
  • an SQL error caused by unassigned properties in the default code definition module
  • some internal adjustments with versioning the helper classes in a more strict (and ultimately, more reliable) way
  • a setting was added to control whether to minify JavaScript or not (on by default)
  • added validation to the add/edit form to prevent YourCode being saved with empty titles
  • added checks to ensure that the necessary folders are writable before install

Build #6 stable


  • parser class fix/update
  • language issues fixed

Build #5 stable


  • broken images in ACP before install
  • error when parser is not valid

Build #4 stable

Fixed issue where inline post subject edit cause the first post's message to be deleted.

Build #3 stable


  • JavaScript error in ACP

  • Cancel button added for Import selection page

Build #2 dev

Fixes a major bug where no bb codes were being parsed due to a change in the parser class.

Build #1 dev

The first build has no changes.