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Display @mentions with links (and MyAlerts if installed)

Change Log for MentionMe

Version 3.2.12 stable Build #23


  • a fatal error when MentionMe is uninstalled while MyAlerts is deactivated
  • a bug where if certain combinations of the at symbol '@' and the double quote '"' appeared in a post, mentions after that could not be detected properly
  • adds the ability to fine-tune popup position in SCEditor

Version 3.2.11 stable Build #22


  • a bug where autocomplete failed for SCEditor after MyBB 1.8.21

Version 3.2.10 stable Build #21


  • a bug where usernames that were email addresses or were similar to email addresses were not matched

Version 3.2.9 stable Build #20


  • now rebuilding name cache after settings are adjusted (thanks @Eldenroot)
  • an issue where when using Rin Editor with the editor in source mode by default multiple issues occurred (thanks to @martec for guidance)
  • a bug where when MyAlerts is deactivated, an error occurred (reported by @Eldenroot)
  • a bug where when MyAlerts is deactivated, an incorrect integration message was displayed

Version 3.2.8 stable Build #19


  • upgraded installer class
  • a bug where autocomplete would not work on responsive designs because it depended upon table elements
  • a bug where other iframes on the page prevented the popup from displaying

Version 3.2.7 stable Build #18

Fixed some embarrassing typos...

Version 3.2.6 stable Build #17


  • Support added for DVZ Shoutbox (requested by @Eldenroot)
  • Upgraded installer libraries
  • A setting was added for the popup minimum width
  • Added content protection for image folders
  • a bug where CSS was not properly cached on install in some cases (found thanks to @Eldenroot)
  • a bug where permissions didn't consider users that can only view their own threads (reported by @dvz)

Version 3.2.5 stable Build #16


  • a bug where an error occurred when guests tried to use the autocomplete popup
  • a bug where if the user had no assigned avatar, the default avatar was not assigned in some cases (fixed by @burnacid)

Version 3.2.4 stable Build #15


  • a bug where an incorrect setting name was used, disabling the ability to open mention links in a new window or tab (fixed by SvePu)
  • The query to retrieve thread participants for the autocomplete popup proved to be quite intensive for larger forums. chack1172 and I made some improvements to the SQL:PHP ratio and simplified the query for a nice increase in performance and efficiency.

Version 3.2.3 stable Build #14


  • a bug where an unquoted function name caused a warning in PHP 7.2
  • a bug where when using Rin editor, autocomplete was broken when toggling to source mode and back
  • a bug where users with names that are shorter than the board's minimum username length setting could not be mentioned
  • a bug where some user names with special characters appeared twice in the autocomplete popup under certain circumstance
  • added external upgrade module
  • removed advanced matching as it is no longer necessary with autocomplete and delimiters; results in more efficient processing overall

Version 3.2.2 stable Build #13


  • a bug where editing posts that contained mentions caused duplicate alerts
  • a bug where new posts that were merged into existing posts containing a mention of same user resulted in duplicate alerts
  • a bug where in some situations the name cache was corrupted by user group formatting HTML

Version 3.2.1 stable Build #12


  • a bug that caused the name cache task to fail under certain circumstances
  • a bug where the language wasn't loaded before running the task in certain circumstance
  • better version comparison for MyAlerts
  • update some internal libraries

Version 3.2 stable Build #11


  • a bug where the popup didn't consider the theme image directory when loading images
  • a bug where in some cases, users were sent alerts from forums/threads/posts that they cannot see
  • a bug where the popup did not display instructions when empty
  • a bug where alerts were not sent in some cases
  • added Quick Edit support
  • improved mention detection
  • broken avatars in the popup are now assigned to the default avatar client-side
  • added a link in plugin info to rebuild the name cache
  • language improvements
  • design improvements
  • removed some hard coded HTML from the JavaScript
  • setting added to control whether the popup would snap the selection to the top or allow traditional free-scrolling
  • title property added to mention link HTML
  • setting added to control the amount of thread participants to include and prioritize in the autocomplete popup

Version 3.1.4 stable Build #10


  • case is now preserved for inserted mentions
  • further design improvements by @Eldenroot

Version 3.1.3 stable Build #9


  • a PHP warning when the name cache is empty
  • added codename to the plugin
  • an installation error when the alert type is already used
  • a bug where when using CKEditor, once you post in quick reply you can no longer use the mention autocomplete popup
  • a bug where when using SCEditor the popup was partially hidden behind the editor container depending on cursor position

Version 3.1.2 stable Build #8


  • an issue where short names weren't properly padded in the autocomplete popup
  • a bug in the third party cursor positioning routines that caused the popup to be misaligned if the cursor was past the first 'page'
  • an issue where the popup appear to visually glitch when nearing the end of the name list
  • a bug where avatars were sometimes assigned to the wrong user in the autocomplete popup
  • several minor JavaScript improvements

Version 3.1.1 stable Build #7


  • a bug where inserting mentions via the postbit button disabled the Quick Reply autocomplete popup
  • installation error where fields defined as NOT NULL were assigned a null value
  • an error where mb_strtolower was not used when applied to user names (which have the possibility of containing international characters

  • added a setting to control whether mention links are directed to a new window/tab or opened in the current window/tab
  • Design improvements for the autocomplete popup
  • The name cache no longer caches banned users

Build #6 stable


  • added a class to mention link HTML for customization
  • added a link in plugin info to integrate with MyAlerts without uninstall
  • added setting to replace/remove the at symbol in mention display
  • added peekers to settings in ACP which have dependents

  • Autocomplete:

  • complete redesign of the popup (Thanks @cu8eeer)
  • added support for CKEditor
  • added setting to display avatars in the popup
  • added setting to limit the popup to a maximum number of items
  • added setting to use and prioritize names of participants in the current thread in the autocomplete popup
  • matching letters are now highlighted
  • added setting to control full text search, whether to search for names that begin with the typed text or for user names with the typed text anywhere in it


an error where templates weren't being cached

Build #5 stable

Fixes invalid HTML in the popup template

Build #4 stable

Fixes template editing issues with the footer.

Build #3 dev


Fixed an error that broke the name caching task.

Build #2 dev

Fixes an error where names with special characters weren't matched.

Build #1 dev

The first build has no changes.