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NewPoints is a complex but efficient and user-friendly points system for MyBB.

Change Log for NewPoints

Version 2.1.2 stable Build #5

Minor fixes with regards to group rules and upgrade scripts

Version 2.1.1 stable Build #4

  • Fixed bug in group rules payout.
  • Fixed bug in donations to self.
  • Fixed compatibility issue with PHP 7

Build #3 stable

* Improved character count system (thanks to Omar G. -
* Deleted users' posts would display 0 points and the donate link: when showing the user as "Guest"
* Added donation spam control (default is 5 per 15 minutes) - except for users in group 4.
* Points are now removed when soft deleting (but not removed twice if the post/thread is permanently)
* Points are given back when restoring posts
* Fixed bug in points deducted when deleting threads with replies (would deduct more points)
* Editing soft deleted posts does not give/deduct points based on character count.
* newpoints_add_setting will first check if it can update the setting rather than inserting one with a duplicate name (thanks to Omar G.)
* newpoints_add_template will first check if it can update the template rather than inserting one with a duplicate name; it will also remove existing duplicate templates (thanks to Omar G.)
* Fixed one bug related to the deleting posts action: points for replies wouldn't be counted properly some times
* Added 'numeric' field type to settings.
* Fixed a few other bugs.
* Settings can now be translated on the front-end (see language file)
* Points are not given if a new post or thread is automatically put into moderation.
* Points are removed if a thread/post is unapproved.
* Points are given back when a thread/post is approved.
* Fixed bug in plugin compatibility check in ACP.
* Recounting tool will only count visible posts and threads now.
* send_pm function bug fixed (affected ACP in MyBB 1.8).
* Added username styles to Statistics (except for second column of the Last Donations for performance reasons)

Build #2 stable

Updated readme.

Build #1 stable

The first build has no changes.