Version 0.0.9 Build #9

Change Log


  • New Module: Calculate Image Color Average
  • New Module: Try Image As HTTPS
  • New Module: Resolve URL Redirects
  • New Module: Restore (undo previous action)
  • added an image search page that allows various criteria (more coming in 0.0.10)
  • image host now separated as a new type of module
  • error reporting improved for ACP pages and the task log
  • upgraded internal libraries (InstallableModule)
  • now tracking forum image count separately
  • module integration simplified (image fetching automated, redirects automated, etc.)
  • now tracking whether image is secure (HTTPS) or not (HTTP)
  • added background image info scraping when browsing in ACP
  • added a reset to refresh image info
  • code cleanup
  • an error where in ACP image management, domain labels were truncated erroneously
  • an error where individually targetted tasks did not return the user to the original page
  • an error where tasks were not sorted by task order
  • an error where images were sometimes fetched unnecessarily
  • an error where module versions were not properly cached

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2019-10-12, 05:38 PM
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