Version 0.0.5 Build #5

Change Log


  • adds the option to skip the initial scan
  • adds the option to scan individual threads and/or forums
  • adds the option to rehost images to a subdomain
  • adds a link to the thread in View Threads page for easy access
  • adds navigation breadcrumbs
  • a bug where a missing language file caused the task to fail
  • a bug where when rehosting images, the user was redirected to the View Image Set page rather than the View Thread page
  • a bug where valid images that did not have an extension appended to the file name caused locally rehosting images to fail
  • a bug where redirects did not return the user to the original page
  • a bug where it was impossible to edit image sets once they were created

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11-14-2018, 03:07 AM
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