Version 0.1 Build #5

Change Log


  • now uses the language system
  • code cleanup/efficiency checks/code comments
  • added an option to the create threads module to allow images to posted in created threads
  • added an option to the create users module to control whether the module includes banned users to be used as thread/post authors
  • added title to PHiddle page to make it easier to see which project is currently being edited
  • now the toolbar is visible in both the PHP and output tabs
  • a bug where the create user name avatars module was broken due to improperly set user avatar fields
  • a bug where the load button caused broken features when there are no projects to load
  • a bug where the delete button caused broken features when there are no projects to delete
  • a bug where the save as button was broken due to changes in the XMLHTTP routing

Date Uploaded
10-21-2018, 07:45 PM
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