Version 1.3.2 Build #6

Change Log

Usermap page

  • There're now 2 buttons below the map. The first one revert to the default zoom value, the second centers the map on the user' location (if it gave it) or the admin' predefined center
  • Possibility to display the list of localised users
User CP
  • The same buttons than on the page are present
  • A textbox with the GPS coordinate (if user want to copy them)
Admin CP
  • Added setting to disable/enable listing of users on page
  • Added a map option to display a default avatar in popup if user haven't avatar
  • Added an Upgrade DB tab: it's a simple link wich adds new settings in database. No more need to uninstall/reinstall the plugin to get the full settings

Technical update
  • a global variable $abp_umap_user in postbit hook, so plugins developpers can use it
  • using cache to avoid making too much DB queries (cf postbit hook)

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04-16-2019, 02:14 PM
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