Version 2.0 Build #2

Change Log

(last major version)

  • Plugin settings rearranged.
  • Added new template (global): yearsofservice.
  • Added new spot: member list.
  • Added new types of service: weeks, days, hours, minutes.

NB! For upgrading from 1.0 to 2.0:
  1. remove plugin parts that have been added in version 1.0 in postbit and member_profile templates (<div class="user-service...);
  2. uninstall the plugin (in the ACP);
  3. upload new plugin files;
  4. install the plugin (in the ACP);
  5. (facoltative) update CSS too or if you customized it check the new sample.

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2020-02-20, 01:09 AM
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