Version 1.2.10 Build #2

Change Log

  • Fixes some wording and links (minor).
  • Adds additional templates (especially for links) for easier customisation.
  • Adds settings to stipulate that usernames be styled per their usergroup style. 
  • Adds a link for each avatar (if enabled) to its user profile.
  • Adds a setting to stipulate the maximum display characters for thread subjects.
  • Fixes the table prefix in the main DB queries - was originally hardcoded to 'mybb_' (thanks to ThistleProse for the bug report and Crazycat for the fix).
  • Improves upgrade functionality:
    • Adds template versioning so that modified templates only show up in Find Updated Templates after plugin auto-upgrade if they were modified by the plugin since the user last modified them.
    • Adds a confirmation success message for when the plugin is auto-upgraded.

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2020-02-24, 04:16 AM
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