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Version 0.5 is a bugfix and enhancement release of MyProfile plugin.

This version supports conversion from the old ProfileComments plugin, please visit the plugin's official thread to know more :

The following enhancements have been added :
- Integration with MyBB's notification system.
- Buddylist pagination.

The following issues have been fixed :
- Minimum of comments per page lowered to 2 (previously 5).
- A blank page displays if the comment form is submitted with Javascript off and AJAX on, or on old browser than don't fire the submit event.
- Comment author link redirecting to an incorrect profile.
- Comma depending on language.
- Unnecessary post.js loaded when on profile page.

Upgrade :
- Upload the new files to your server, DEACTIVATE and ACTIVATE the plugin.

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2014-10-10, 07:59 PM
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