Version 6.0 Build #12

Change Log

Massive Update!
+Redid the entire replacement function with a callback. Allowed more control for the new setting features added and provides a better way to count number of embeds loaded.

+Add a setting area under MyBB Settings which include:
A setting to show the original link after the embed is added.
A setting to set the maximum number of emdeds to display per page load.
A setting to disable embeds on mobile devices.
Settings to control the height/width of the embed.

+Added support for Reddit posts
+Added support for twitch clips thanks to  tjbalon
+Added support for github gists thanks to  tjbalon
+Updated spotify entry (now supports artist, track, playlists, and albums) tjbalon
+Added support MSNBC videos
+Added support NBC News videos
+Added support for
+Added back support for
+Added support for Gfycat
!Fixed embed code.
Note Twitch only works on SSL sites!

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2021-01-24, 03:14 AM
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